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Recent News

Media Arts Final Project Presentation

For their final project, Media Arts students were allowed to pick any organization - real or fictional - and creating a full branding and marketing package for them. Over 5 weeks, students created a visual identity, inspirational poster, marketing plan, sample social posts, and a final brand video for their chosen organization. The results were fun and a fantastic representation of all that they learned this year! Check them out.

Home Stretch and the Way Forward

Scorpion School is coming down to the home stretch!  We all must do our best to keep our students engaged until the end and promote a smooth transition into what will likely be an unusual summer.  While I cannot predict exactly what our fall school year will look like, we know that schools will need to continue to have a distance learning capability. While we have pivoted and launched distance learning quickly in response to COVID, we know we can continue to evolve our program and need to consider how it supports our in-school learning...

Austin's Project with Digger

An appeal for volunteers from Austin Schler ('21) and picture updates of the construction of his Eagle Scout project of a grill at the end of the soccer field. 

Science Lesson Screenshot

The following videos were created by grade 7 students as a chapter end assessment. Students were given the option of writing a paragraph, creating a video, a poster, or slide show to show their understanding of the properties of water.

Priceless Volunteerism

While I have written about gratitude in the past, as we near the end of our academic year I am reflecting on the importance of volunteers. Sherry Anderson has wryly pointed out, “Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.” And it goes deeper than that because when we volunteer we are usually committing time, energy and resources to what we are passionate about and want to help succeed...

Donate Sign

We are truly gratified by the early generous response to our appeal for the Community Emergency Education Fund. The Fund was created to be a temporary bridge to support current families who have been financially impacted by COVID-19. Excitingly we have a challenge grant that will add 50% to every gift up to the match amount of $30,000! Link to Fund Update page in post.

Art Lesson: Nature Art Comes Indoors!

Enjoy another fun lesson while experiencing the natural beauty of nature’s colors! Thank you, Ms. Iverson, for another great at-home activity to inspire us.

Gala 2020: Thanks for the Memories!

The Hollywood Gala 2020 was held in the nick of time on March 7, 2020 at the Reno Renaissance Downtown Hotel.  The ballroom was humming with activity and dressed out in the most Hollywood glam décor...

Working Together

I have heard almost ad nauseam in the last few months that “we’re all in this together.” But being in something together is not the same as working together. I believe one key reason for our success with Scorpion School has been that we have all been able to work together...

Our Head of School Talks Nationally About the Creation of Scorpion School

What did it take to create Scorpion School? Take a peek behind the curtain at the work and innovation that went into our virtual program. Head of School, Tobin Bechtel, recently spoke on a National Association of Independent Schools' webinar for other school administrators on the success of our distance learning program, Scorpion School. Using a few different frameworks for innovative thinking...

Robbie and Work

April 30 we held our second webinar in the series, Engage Your Child's Mind During Social Isolation. Week 2 focused on enriching your child's education. Our administrators covered much of the "essence of education" and key educator strategies that parents can implement at home. Read on for one of our recommended Family Activities and access to all activities from the series.

Teachers Serve

This year marks my 25th year of having the honor to serve as a teacher and leader in schools around the world. I have learned as much from my students and colleagues along the way as I have ’taught’. One of my students from long ago recently reached out to me just to say “Thanks for instilling a deep love of history and thought provoking conversations in me as a teen - it’s served me well in life.” I feel so fortunate to be able to have this type of positive influence through sharing, caring, and connecting with students...

volcano drawings on zoom

Mrs. Kirkwood's Grade 4 class recently did a novel study on the book I Survived the Destruction of Pompeii, AD 79. As part of their virtual Scorpion School lesson they created drawings from details they read in the book. This video captures the project and their results. 

dance lesson screenshot

Here's a fun dancing activity to do while you're staying at home! Get out, get active, and have fun! Thank you to Ms. Kratzer for this lesson! Watch the following dance examples, then participate along with the African dance class (third video). Finally, write some comments/reflections about the dance based on the questions at the end!

Parenting Dilemma

During a zoom discussion this week with other Heads of School we were fortunate to have a guest, Dr. Michael Thompson, who wrote Raising Cain, a book that changed the educational view of how to work with adolescent boys. While the dialogue began with how we can support students during this time of social dissonance, we explored a wide range of topics. At one point Dr. Thompson stopped us all in our tracks when he asked whether we are trying to solve immediate problems or take on the dilemmas facing education today...

Strive Virtual College Exploration: PROGRAM EXTENDED!

The Strive Virtual College Exploration Program provides a robust and diverse schedule of events, with 300+ colleges from around the country. Colleges from our region and nationally will be sharing their knowledge and expertise. Program extended: Two more weeks added! Monday, April 27 - Friday, May 8, 2020

Science Experiment

During Scorpion School, everyone is getting creative with their virtual tools, including science class! Grade 7 is currently learning about chemical reactions and students recently had the option of creating a video to show an at-home lab. Students created the lab procedures using their knowledge of proper experimentation and a variable of their choice. Check out some of their results.

Family Activity: Unearth Your Values

April 23rd we held our first webinar in the series, Engage Your Child's Mind During Social Isolation. Week 1 focused on supporting Social Emotional Learning (SEL) during this time of distance learning and quarantine. Read on for one of our recommended Family Activities and access to all activities from the series.

Art Lesson: Spring Sketching

Spring has sprung! Go outside and see what is blooming. Check out this art lesson that you can do with just a drawing implement! Thank you, Ms. Iverson, for this lesson idea!

Student Advice on Utilizing Free Time

Even with a full, online school schedule and zoom lessons our students have more free time than usual right now. Without extracurriculars, commutes, and a slower pacing of each day Sage Ridge students - like most students across the country - have time to explore new interests and communicate with friends in new ways. We asked students about what they are doing with their free time and what they suggest others do to stay active and this is what they said.