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Recent News

Tobin Bechtel

A long standing tradition at Sage Ridge is our coffeehouse for student performances. Any student (and sometimes even alums and faculty!) may offer a performance as long as they have the courage to perform in the Great Space in front of our entire community - grades 3-12, faculty, staff and parents. I am continually impressed by the respect and encouragement our audiences offer - the support is symbiotic with encouragement providing courage for our performers.

national merit finalists

Congratulations to seniors, Siena Hall and Aryan Shukla, both of whom are Finalists in the 2020 Competition for National Merit Scholarships! Over 1.5 million juniors in about 21,000 high schools entered the 2020 National Merit Scholarship Program by taking the 2018 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT), which served as an initial screen of program entrants. From the approximately 16,000 Semifinalists, roughly 15,000 have advanced to the Finalist level. 

Be a "Come with Me" Teammate

I first heard the term "Come with Me" teammate from a keynote speaker at a conference I attended years ago.  The individual spoke of a teammate he had that lived and played selflessly.  He credited his teammate for helping him "get better".  Not only on the field, but also in life.  You can see the impact this teammate had on this individual's life, and he would always be thankful for it...

Selena Willoughby-Braun

Last Friday Selena Willoughby-Braun ('07) visited campus and spent the greater part of the day inspiring our students to work hard, find balance, and study in the STEM fields. After graduating from Sage Ridge, Selena studied nuclear engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She is now a Principle Engineer at Westinghouse Electric Company working in mechanical and chemical engineering. Her day of visiting class included visits to the Upper School Engineering class and the grade 7 Coding classes. She talked about...

Head of Academics Candidate Visit

We are interviewing several candidates on campus for our next Head of Academics. Our first external candidate will be on campus, Tuesday 18 February. All parents are invited to meet Traci Osterhagen Brock for a Q&A session at 2:45 in the Webster Library. Copies of her resume are available in the front office.

Finding That Coachable Moment

How do coaches recognize a "coachable moment?" Is it when an athlete is struggling? An impromptu opportunity for learning? When you see an opportunity for growth? When an athlete is demonstrating accountability or leadership? All the above! These are just a few examples of opportunities coaches can immediately respond to and say, "Let me assist you with how you are thinking about this."

To Serve Our Community

Over a century ago Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed,  “This country will not be a good place for any of us to live in unless we make it a good place for all of us to live in.” In this spirit our faculty organized a community service day for our entire school earlier this week...

Did You Know?!!

...another fabulous alum is coming to visit?
...we have published faculty members?
...we have a Family Fun Info Night coming up next week?

2020 Gala Tickets on Sale Thru 2/21

Our annual Gala is a wonderful opportunity to witness the Sage Ridge Community coming together to support our school. This festive event expresses our gratitude for the investment each of our donors makes, and provides us with an opportunity to engage with our vibrant community. Funds are raised through table sponsorships, donations, mobile/live auction bidding, and fund-a-need drives to support initiatives aimed at enhancing campus life and academics. Join us!

Tobin Bechtel

“Do you use technology or does technology use you?” This line in the documentary ‘LIKE’ sums up our increasingly complex relationship with social media. There are many small steps we can take to stop our devices from being addictive - limiting our time on them, turning off notifications, and charging them in another room at night to list a few suggestions...

kobe bryant

Why does it hurt when we lose our heroes? I was in line at a local coffee shop recently, and I heard someone comment about the recent passing of LA Lakers icon, Kobe Bryant and eight others in a tragic helicopter crash in Calabasas, CA.  The individual said something very interesting, "Why is everyone so upset, it's not like they knew him personally?"

LIKE - How Will The Film Change You?

This week our community had the opportunity to view LIKE - a documentary about the impact of social media. If you missed it, don't miss this summary!

The film provided a balanced view of both the benefits and dangers of social media. Social media can both strengthen connections and break them down; enrich one's life and lead to psychological insecurities...

2020 Geobee Results

Last Friday the Middle School competed in the annual National Geographic Bee. The crowds cheered loudly and the competition was strong! Here are the results...

Grade 7 Pillar Podcasts

Grade 7 students made Podcasts about the pillars in Mr. Vitale's music class, learning how to plan, write a script, record, and edit a podcast from start to finish! Listen to the end products here!

Athletics Update January 24th, 2020

WD>WS. No, this is not a typo or an algorithm. This is the definition of leading by example: Well Done is greater than Well Said. Words motivate you, actions inspire you. Sometimes we need a good quote to effectively deliver a message, or to begin/end a speech or essay. But always remember, as a leader, as a coach, as a teammate, you speak most powerfully through your actions. Well Said is important, but Well Done is always better. 

Your Generosity Makes a Difference

Your donations make a difference. Consider these scenes from around campus:

Our senior class (14 members) has earned initial four year scholarship offers in amount of $1.6 million from 30 different colleges and universities. Kudos to their hard work and a testament to our outstanding faculty...

Flipping the Script on Discipline

What is discipline? Discipline is a loaded word. Especially for students. When they hear discipline they think “busted.” They feel pain and shame. And since one of the strongest cognitive biases we have is to avoid pain and pursue pleasure, they naturally want to avoid discipline. And yet...

What are you doing this Summer??

Sage Ridge Summer Sessions are Coming!  Mark you Calendars!  June 15 - 26, 2020.  Do something BIG this Summer!  More to come.

What happened at school today?

There are literally too many things to write about this week. I can actually make this claim for almost any week at Sage Ridge.

From our productive first Board meeting of the year to cheering crowds at the varsity girls and boys basketball games. That was only Saturday!

Athletics Update January 17th, 2020

Quick question before we read about more Sage Ridge athletic accomplishments: Parents, when you were younger, what person made the biggest difference in your life? 

Staffing 2020-2021

In the lifecycle of every school, people come and go. In our community it feels like family, especially when long-term staff leave. We will be wishing the best for Dr. Keith de Lancey and our Head of Academics, Jill Strawder-Bubala, next year. 

Construction Entrance on Crossbow Court

Contrary to promises at the start of construction, the exit onto Crossbow Court will be used by construction vehicles for the next three weeks. The site supervisor has sent a message to all subcontractors that this access cannot be used during drop off (7:30-8:10) or pick up (3:00-4:00).

Scorpion Scholar Athletes

Scholar Athletes thrive at Sage Ridge as they develop the grit that supports them in sport, school and life. Our teams are continually becoming more competitive and our coaches are building programs that are being noticed across the NIAA (our state sporting agency). More importantly, our students are being competitive with integrity, courage and respect. 


Growing up is hard and filled with many choices.

The biggest choice many of our children make is not whether or not they should audition for the play or try out for volleyball. The biggest choice is about what friend group, or "tribe," that they choose to join. For most of our students this means everything.