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Recent News

Ski Team 2021

The following are the results from the ski team's state competition at Mt. Rose on February 9-10. Congratulations to Logan Reeves ('22) for taking first place!

Woman posing in a tree

Zoa Katok (‘19) is a busy computer science major at the University of Chicago. She provides a very interesting (and humorous) take on life as a college student.

Host A Gala Watch Party

Sage Ridge School has made the decision to move its biggest annual fundraising event completely online.

man sitting in chair in gym

We have high hopes that there is an end in sight with the pandemic. Even with variants wreaking havoc and ongoing supply issues for vaccinations, we finally seem to be making headway with COVID-19...

Young Grads Return 2021

Last week, five Sage Ridge Alumni joined us for Young Grads Return, our annual event for current students to hear about alumni’s experiences and words of advice.

The Unexpected Joy of a Snow Day

There is a time honored joy that comes from having an unexpected day to sleep in, catch up, have fun when the elements are not cooperating. I remember a college friend from Southern India who had never seen snow in person before and the wonder he had when classes were called off for a day - twenty year olds making snow sculptures.

Spencer Uppal

Each week, our Friday Notes will include a Senior Spotlight, in which the greater Sage Ridge community can get to know our seniors. This week, we start with Spencer Uppal, chosen to be first for the simple fact that his will be the last name called at graduation. 

Looking Towards the Future

Our campus is fully buzzing again as the majority of students are back on campus. While we need to continue adhering to our pandemic protocols, it does look like we can start planning to move past the pandemic.