The Midwife – a student literary magazine showcasing student work and talent

The Midwife is a showcase for the artistic and literary talent of Sage Ridge students. Composed entirely of works done by community members, the literary magazine is a wonderful way to get the amazing artistic and literary talent of those in the community published and seen. The Midwife includes short works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, dramatic scenes, photography, and art of all media. Some works featured are submissions to the creative contests and events hosted by The Midwife staff throughout the year. The magazine is published annually and thus represents a year’s worth of student work. This publication attests to the impressive array of creative talents in the Sage Ridge community. Students who choose to participate in the Midwife Club also get a unique opportunity to work on the publication itself. They gain valuable experience with professional publishing software and creatively build and shape the magazine that has become such an integral part of Sage Ridge.”


The Vestigia - Sage Ridge student-produced yearbook

"Members of the yearbook club are dedicated to capturing all of the aspects that constitute the Sage Ridge experience by means of the production of a well-crafted yearbook. The editors design a unifying theme and layout for the book while assigning specific tasks to all individual members, which range from taking photos at school events to documenting them in writing. The club meets twice a week, giving members the opportunity to learn and execute the skills that are necessary to produce the yearbook, including layout and design techniques, gathering and analyzing information, interviewing, and marketing. The result of the hard work collective efforts of the yearbook staff and editors is always a beautiful record of the entire school year for the faculty, staff, and student body to enjoy."


The Ridge - Sage Ridge student-produced newspaper

The Ridge is an 8 to 12 page newspaper printed and published by upper school students at Sage Ridge School at least two times annually. The Ridge is an accessible public forum that provides information and entertainment, as well as various viewpoints and debatable issues in the form of editorials and columns. It is also an opportunity to enhance journalistic writing skills that are not taught in Sage Ridge classes, including task-management, layout, and ethical journalism. The Ridge does not print anything that is libelous, obscene, or in poor taste, in accordance with Sage Ridge’s justified standards