We now have almost 300 alumni scattered across the globe. These young leaders are thoroughly engaged in using their hearts and minds to impact the world around them. They make us proud.

Ask Our Graduates

How did Sage Ridge help prepare you for college? What lessons have been most helpful?

  • Really good relationships with Sage Ridge teachers
  • Rigor of the academics
  • Study skills
  • Foundational understanding of the core content areas
  • Strategies for managing time and stress
  • How to work incredibly hard
  • How much time to put into what and when
  • How to use a planner

What were you looking for in a school when you were applying? What advice do you have for those who are trying to choose a college?

  • Some want bigger schools, some want the similar small environment
  • Think about what you want out of the college experience
  • Be as honest with yourself as possible!
  • Go visit! Talk to students on campus about their experience.
  • Choose for fit.

What surprised you about college?

  • You can't stress about every little thing. One poor test grade doesn't matter in the scheme of things.
  • You learn to fail and you learn to strive for balance.
  • You really are just a number to some professors at big colleges. It can be very sink-or-swim.
  • Grades in college are different; basically no one gets all A's once in college.
  • You have lots of free time. Balance the work with having fun.  Try something new and do things that de-stress you. Join a club. Take a class you've never taken before.

What are some ways you recommend coping with going away to college?

  • College is the chance to start your life on your own.
  • You will be homesick, especially when you are physically sick.
  • The first few weeks are hard. Make as many friends as possible right away.
  • It's important to be independent and trying living on your own. It's good for your development.
  • It can be intimidating but everyone is shy, worried, lonely, and looking for friends.
  • Know that college is new for everyone and everyone is scared.
  • Don't be afraid to say hello and make friends with a stranger.
  • Schedule time to call home and stay in touch.

What made you realize your major was right for you? How did you realize what you wanted to study?

  • Some people know exactly what they want to do and it never changes. Some people think they know, but then it changes once they start classes. Some people have no idea and take a bunch of classes to figure it out. All these paths are normal and ok.
  • There are a lot more majors than topics you have been exposed to in high school.
  • You can use what you like in high school to help guide you, or not. You might not enjoy the same class as high school or dislike the same classes in college.
  • Look in the mirror and be honest about what you are good at.
  • Don't be afraid to try new things.
  • Think about if there is a problem in the world that you want to do something about.
  • Sage Ridge Senior Research Project topic can lead you on the right path.
  • You can also create your own major at many schools.

Other Advice:

  • Learn how to do your laundry before you go to college!
  • Do you laundry. If you dorm room stinks, no one will come by to visit you.
  • College work is harder than Sage Ridge work, but there is less of it.
  • You don't know what you are in for in college until you get there.
  • College progressively gets harder.
  • You are not locked into your major for the rest of your life. You can study one thing for four years, but then do something different after college.
  • Even big schools get small fast. You make friends quickly in your dorm, in clubs, and in your major.
  • Don't procrastinate work for once a week classes.
  • Schedule time to work and schedule time to relax and have fun.

This wisdom & advice was shared with current students by some of our recent grads at our annual Young Grads Return event in January 2019.

Our speakers were:

  • David Newman ('15) attends Haverford majoring in Economics with a minor in Statistics.
  • Sergio Lopez ('15) attends University of Redlands majoring in Political Science.
  • Audrey Thompson ('16) attends University of California, Berkeley majoring in Computer Science.
  • Madeeha Sheriff ('17) attends Cal State, Fullerton majoring in Biology.
  • Vivian Tao ('17) attends Tufts University majoring in Biopsychology.

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