We now have almost 300 alumni scattered across the globe. These young leaders are thoroughly engaged in using their hearts and minds to impact the world around them. They make us proud.

"Sage Ridge provided me with a foundation of knowledge and a network of friendships from which I continue to benefit to this day. I will forever be grateful to the faculty, staff, and students of Sage Ridge for everything they have given me."

Mat Trachok (SRS '05, Yale '09, Harvard Law School '12, Senior Associate at WilmerHale)

Zachary Dayton ('10)

Zachary Dayton ('10) graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2014 and is now a Senior Automation Controls Engineer at Tesla.

Madeeha Sheriff ('17)

Madeeha Sheriff ('17) is attending California State University, Fullerton in their pre-medical track. 

"Sage Ridge School gave me the space to engage with curiosity. I learned to lead with curiosity instead of certainly. The start-up culture of the school taught me that if I don't know how to do something, I can figure it out, and this has been invaluable in my career."

Kristan Brown (SRS '05, Whitman College '09, MFA at Rutgers '13, Studio Manager at Terry Knickerbocker Studio in Brooklyn)

Brett Webster ('08)

Brett Webster ('08) graduated from Kenyon College in 2012 with a degree in Mathematics, received a Master of Science in Finance at UNR 2017 and is now a Business Process Improvement Manager at H&T Nevada.

Julia & Sam Peterson ('09)

Julia Peterson ('09) graduated from Santa Clara University with degrees in Mathematics and Economics in 2012. She is now a Technical Recruiter for Apple.

Sam Peterson ('09) graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in Marketing in 2013. She is now Director of Marketing at LifeMoves.

“My SRS education has played a role in my academic success in college and even in winning the Truman. Teachers like Dr. McGann and Mr. Sloyan worked wonders in terms of improving my writing skills, and I have no doubt that my Truman application stood out because of what they taught me.”

Carla Ramazan (SRS ‘17, University of Texas-Dallas '21, Truman Scholar)

Elaine Carpenter ('10)

Elaine Carpenter ('10) graduated from Willamette University with a degree in Rhetoric and Media Studies. She is now a Digital Marketing Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

David Adams ('06)

David Adams ('06) graduated from Marymount Manhattan College with a degree in Theater and received a Master in Arts in Asian and International Studies from the City University of Hong Kong. He is now General Manager at a computer game publisher called JAST USA.

"A Sage Ridge education serves as a compass to allow us to go out and navigate for ourselves in the world…Though we cannot tell them where to take us, they are essential to reach whatever destination we set for ourselves. And no matter how far we stray from our home here at SRS, they will always be with us."

William Moore (SRS '19, Haverford '23)

Ask Our Graduates: College Advice to Current Students

This wisdom & advice was shared with current students by some of our recent grads at our annual Young Grads Return event in January 2019.

Our speakers were:

  • David Newman ('15) attends Haverford majoring in Economics with a minor in Statistics.
  • Sergio Lopez ('15) attends University of Redlands majoring in Political Science.
  • Audrey Thompson ('16) attends University of California, Berkeley majoring in Computer Science.
  • Madeeha Sheriff ('17) attends Cal State, Fullerton majoring in Biology.
  • Vivian Tao ('17) attends Tufts University majoring in Biopsychology.

Alumni Updates

Carla Ramazan ('17)

Carla Ramazan ('17) is definitely one to watch in the political science field. She was an impressive student when she was at Sage Ridge School. Now she has gone on to receive the Truman Scholarship while studying political science and Spanish at the University of Texas-Dallas. The Truman Scholarship is the premier graduate scholarship for aspiring public service leaders in the United States...

Read More about Carla Ramazan ('17) Awarded the Truman Scholarship


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"Scorpion Spotlight" features Sage Ridge alumni and others who help us shine in the community.