Class of 2021

Elon University

Thesis: Government Influence on the Economy: Comparing the Economy of the Great Recession to the Economy during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Reed College

Thesis: Fundamental Restrictions on the Current State-of-the-art in AI

University of Portland

Thesis: Steroids; The Demon From Within

Santa Clara University

Thesis: An Unfit Economy: The Effects of Mass Automation on a Capitalist Economy

University of California-Santa Cruz

Thesis: Systematic Failures in the U.S. Prisons: Why Prison Practices and Inmate Rehabilitation Need To Be Improved

University of Portland

Thesis: Climate Change and the Fashion Industry: Creating a More Sustainable Future

Villanova University

Thesis: The Pass/Fail Grading System: Positives, Negatives, and Implementation in American High Schools and Colleges

Washington University in St. Louis

Thesis: The International Welfare Trap: Foreign Aid Challenges and Reform Solutions

Rochester Institute of Technology

Thesis: Emptiness Through Stuff

Willamette University

Thesis: The Joker as Commentary on American Morality and Hypocrisy

University of Nevada-Reno (Honors College)

Thesis: Endless Possibilities: Ethics of AI Brain Implanted Technology

Occidental College

Thesis: Stuck in a Checkmate: United States’ Sanctions Against Iran

Indiana University-Bloomington

(Kelley School of Business)

Thesis: Does Social Media Increase Suicides by Cyberbullying?

Duke University

Thesis: Red vs Blue: The Impact of Digital Platforms on Political Polarization

Boston University

Thesis: The Role of Mass Media in Fueling the Glorification of Serial Murderers

University of Nevada-Reno (Honors College)

Thesis: Malaria in Poverty: Diagnostics, Vaccinations, Treatment and its Economic Effect

Pitzer College

Thesis: Her Sexual Freedom, or Lack Thereof

Boise State University

Thesis: Physical Exercise and Stress Relief

University of Nevada-Reno

Thesis: Political Correctness and Comedy

University of Colorado Boulder

(Leeds School of Business, Honors Program)

Thesis: Solutions for Concussions in Adolescent Athletes

Class of 2021 News

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Flynn Lundeen

Flynn Lundeen recently graduated from Sage Ridge as a “Lifer,” meaning that he attended Sage Ridge for as many years as were available.

Celebrating the Class of 2021

Student sitting beside sign marking an Eagle Scout project
Students sitting with the sunrise in the background
Soccer players applauding senior
Rock painted with seniors' names

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