Reopening Plan (COVID-19)

Sage Ridge School is currently at Level 2


Reopening Levels Summary

First page of the PDF file: ReopeningLevels-1PageSummary

Exposure Protocols

Any students who have (or have household members who have):

  • traveled by plane
  • participated in large events (size determined by current governor's mandate)
  • visitors who travelled by plane or from high incident areas 
  • feel they have been exposed/become at risk in come way

are required move to distance learning for two weeks or provide a negative COVID-19 test before returning to on-campus learning. COVID-19 testing should be done 48 hours after return travel or potential exposure. Please contact the Front Office if your child will be moving to distance learning under these requirements.

COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 updates are emailed to parents/guardians of currently enrolled students whenever a case or symptoms are reported within our community or a community member has been potentially exposed to a COVID-19 case. If one of our community members is ever potentially exposed, they will receive additional information and contact tracing information.

Overview of Cleaning Procedures In Place

  • Additional maintenance crew members were hired to assist with sanitation of high point areas, for assistance in monitoring social distancing during peak hours (drop off, lunch, pick up), for assistance with immediate clean-up and disinfecting of specific areas, for assisting with installation of new protective equipment, and to maintain adequate levels of cleaning and disinfectant supplies.  
  • Sage Ridge now owns and utilizes a disinfectant fogger which is used as needed in any and all areas of the school.  
  • An independent cleaning service cleans 5 nights per week.  
  • In addition to general cleaning, there is a focus on disinfecting high touch surfaces, i.e., door handles, copy machines, etc.  
  • Independent cleaning service also uses a sanitizing spray machine with each cleaning.  
  • Each classroom has been supplied with sanitizer and paper towels for use during and between classes.  
  • Sanitizer and disinfectant fogger solution is regulated and provided by Cintas, the industry leader in facility cleanliness and employee safety.  
  • Each classroom has been equipped with hand sanitizer (70% ethyl alcohol) along with paper towels for sanitation.  
  • Each classroom that does not have access to windows and / or doors that open has been provided with a HEPA air purifying machine.  
  • HVAC filters throughout each building have been replaced and are on a quarterly rather than annual replacement plan.  

Reopening Plan Webinar - July 28, 2020

Please watch this webinar recording for full information and Q&A regarding the reopening plan for 2020-2021.

2020-2021 Family Handbook

Please download and review. All families are required to sign off and abide by the handbook, including the new Pandemic Addendum. 

2020-2021 Family Handbook and Pandemic Addendum


  • The Pandemic Addendum begins on page 47.
  • Travel and corresponding quarantine or COVID-19 testing requirements start on page 51.
  • Pages 46, 47, and 63 must be printed, signed, and returned by orientation. These forms will also be available at orientation.

Athletics During the Pandemic

Whether you are a new or returning family or faculty/staff member, please read on below for a better understanding of our Athletics Vision, our student-athlete/parent expectations, by team snapshots for 2020-21, and other key information including how to learn more about our programs. We are excited to involve the full community as both participants and supporters of Sage Ridge Athletics. We INVITE you to join us on the sidelines this year as we cheer on our teams with Scorpion Pride.

Read More about 2020-2021 Athletics Plan & Vision
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