Our Mission & History

In 1996, a handful of families imagined a school for their children. It would be a school for any student from any family committed to learning.


Classes would be taught by inspiring teachers who could challenge young adolescents to reach for excellence in a lively, supportive environment. The curriculum would offer a traditional, rigorous liberal arts education. Set in the Sierras, Sage Ridge would engage students with its magnificent landscape and promote environmental stewardship. Most importantly, the founders chose five “pillars” to guide students in all of their efforts.

Schools like this existed elsewhere, of course, but these families did not want to enroll their children in boarding schools. Instead, they decided to build that school themselves, right here in the biggest little city of Reno. None of it was easy. The founders sacrificed their time, their financial resources, their energy. Even after the doors first opened, their young school still needed support to grow to a sustainable size. More families joined Sage Ridge as they too realized what an opportunity this education afforded their children, their city, and their community. 

Twenty years on, Sage Ridge is on the map of world-class schools. First-rate faculty nurture a genuine love of learning. Our students shine with the confidence that comes from high achievement and strength of character. They thrive at the nation’s top colleges and universities, and beyond. Meet a Sage Ridge graduate, and you will discover a keen problem solver who communicates with poise, clarity, and self-assurance.


Sage Ridge School graduates curious and confident citizens who embrace rigorous scholarship, respect the dignity of individuals, choose integrity, embody courage, cultivate a compassionate community, and ultimately thrive in college and in our global society.


To inspire passion and purpose through the joy of learning.

Our Educational Philosophy

At Sage Ridge, we believe the diversity of thought amongst the entirety of our student, family, faculty, and staff population enriches our community.  As such, we aim to create an environment that respects, values, and fosters diversity of thought.  We do so by educating our students on how to think critically through thorough information gathering, active listening, thoughtful question-asking, and imaginative problem solving.  Rather than teaching our students what to think by promoting a specific ideology, we are committed to providing our students with a neutral and academically excellent education free of political or ideological bias.



The Redfield Foundation donated 40+ acres


Broke ground for the Webster Building


Opened Middle School for Grades 6 through 8


Added Upper School and the Crossbow Building

Crossbow Completion 2000


First graduating class


Added Grade 5

The loft


Renovated the Crossbow Building


Added Grade 4

grade 3


Added Grade 3