2020-2021 School Re-Opening Planning Update

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Tobin Bechtel

Dear School Community, 

Scorpion School was a huge success this quarter and we are so thankful to our entire community for the hard work and support you all have given it. 

Many of you are wondering what next year will look like. The short answer is we do not know for certain. But we do want to give you some information about the options we are considering under advisement from our accrediting and national organizations. 

At this point school leadership has spent a large amount of time in conference with national and international independent school leaders discussing options, digesting CDC guidelines, and looking to schools in countries who are now reopening as models. 

Sage Ridge School is developing a re-entry strategy that allows for flexibility, transparency and prioritizes the health and safety of our community. We are currently preparing the physical campus to support students in the fall of 2020, however we recognize that some families may not be comfortable with their child(ren) returning at that time. Our administration is developing different re-entry options for our families to consider and are planning on giving choice for a program according to family needs.

These are some of the scenarios we are preparing for:

  1. On campus with appropriate health and safety modifications
  2. Hybrid / Blended synchronous (live) instruction (off and/or on campus) with asynchronous (accessible anytime) learning.
  3. Scorpion School - full-time distance learning

We will be posting more details about these options soon. All choices we are able to offer will keep our Mission, Pillars and program excellence at the center along with the strength of  our small, caring, and connected community.

Whatever summer developments bring, we are looking forward to reconvening at summer's end and continuing to provide exceptional college-prep education to your children.

Tobin S. Bechtel

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