2023-2024 Sage Ridge School Semester Two and Quarter 4 Pillar Awards

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2023-2024 Sage Ridge School Semester Two and Quarter 4 Pillar Awards
Sage Ridge School

The Five Sage Ridge School Pillars--Scholarship, Respect, Integrity, Courage, and Community--form the core philosophy of our communal agreements. Sage Ridge School and its students commit to applying these pillars in our interactions with each other and in the outside world. Sage Ridge is designed to help students develop their understanding of the pillars of Scholarship, Respect, Integrity, Courage and Community, and teaches students to embody these Pillars in their behaviors and relationships with others. From our founding, these “value pillars” have provided the support and structure for the Sage Ridge experience.

In Upper School, members of the Prefecture present Pillar awards once per semester. Lower and Middle School faculty and staff present students with Pillar awards for extraordinary actions and attitudes that exemplify our Pillars each quarter. In addition to our five school pillars, the Lower and Middle School students and staff adopted five more characteristics that help encourage our students to grow into kind and creative young adults: Spirit, Effort, Responsibility, Character and Imagination. Students nominate their peers, and faculty decide on award winners based on nominations and other data points. 

Congratulations to our 2023-2024 Upper School Semester Two and Lower and Middle School Quarter 4 Pillar Award Winners! 


11th Grade: 

Jeremy Gupta - Community, Scholarship and Respect


10th Grade:

Aiden Charles - Respect

Saatvik Gaur - Community 


9th Grade:

Ana Treadway - Courage

Tri Huynh - Scholarship 


8th Grade: 

Isabella Collins - Scholarship 

Krishna Kamath - Respect

Hannah Joyer - Integrity

Owen Higgins - Courage

Ryan Sherven - Community 


7th Grade: 

Logan Grigg - Scholarship

Gemma Gifford - Courage

Danny Kolev - Effort


6th Grade: 

David Szuhai - Scholarship

Vihaan Baghel - Respect

Cecily Monroe - Responsibility 

Mila Walkerley - Character


5th Grade: 

Isaac Xu - Scholarship

Ava Wagner - Effort


4th Grade: 

Henry Abdunnur - Scholarship 

Foster Gray - Scholarship 

Theo Stack - Scholarship

Billy Bray - Respect 

Kash Reyes - Integrity 

Joie Sweeney - Integrity 

Willow Hashimoto-Fry - Courage 

Jojo Webster-Peck - Community

Sophia Norman - Responsibility 

Austin Hammond - Effort 


3rd Grade: 

Arden Straubel - Scholarship 

Alexander Wilkerson - Scholarship 

Mannat Heer Jhaj - Respect 

Hailey Brown - Community 

Ben Johannaber - Community