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Jess Thibault
Dr. Thompson

Dr. Thompson, author of Best Friends, Worst Enemies: Understanding the Social Lives of Children and other best-selling parenting books, will be hosting a session especially for our grandparents (but parents are welcome too)! The main topics will be how to connect with grandchildren (or your own children) during the pressures of a pandemic.

This is one way we are hoping to have an event more focused for our grandparents since we were not able to host our annual grandparents day this year. Please join us, as Dr. Thompson’s insights, anecdotes and advice are always heartening and useful.

4 February at 5:30 PM via Zoom


What might you learn? Here is what our own Mrs. Michelle Gallivan-Wallace took away from reading Best Friends, Worst Enemies:

  • The laws of group life help put adolescent behavior into perspective. These laws guide their behaviors, but also create conflict with their three basic needs:  connection, recognition, and power.
  • Parents (and teachers) need to be aware of what students are watching on TV and even reading for free reading. Children often miss the moral lesson of the programming or miss the resolution of the conflict.
  • Simple conversations with children can help further the learning process and help children develop social skills. Parents need to listen more and react less. 
  • Friendships come and go. While this might be painful, it is part of growing up.
  • Learning from the experience is key to future success with friendships.  
  • As teachers and parents, we can listen and help process, but we shouldn’t attempt to control or place blame.
  • In the words of Dr. Thompson, “All children have to learn how to manage their own individual neediness and greediness while maintaining a relationship with another.”  

We hope to see you at the online event!

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