Alumni Spotlight: Carla Ramazan ('17)

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Alumni Spotlight: Carla Ramazan ('17)
Marnie Pilling

Last week, Carla Ramazan '17, came back to visit the Sage Ridge campus. She recently graduated from UT Dallas this past May and shared her story with us about her time at Sage Ridge and how it prepared her for college. She is currently taking a gap year and hoping to go to Law School!

I graduated from Sage Ridge in 2017, and I owe much of my success in college to the professors and mentors I had in high school.

Carla Ramazan

Carla Ramazan, Class of 2017

I was on Sage Ridge debate's team for four years, and my debate partner and I won the State Championship in policy debate twice. The public speaking skills I developed in debate helped me stand out in college, 
where I served as Vice President of Student Government as a sophomore,  founded one of the largest student organizations on campus, and won the Truman Scholarship in 2020. Additionally, my teachers at Sage Ridge pushed me to develop into a strong writer, which made the transition to college seamless. For my entire college career, I never received below an "A" on a class paper.

Finally, I owe so much to Mr. Lamb and his guidance during the college application process. Mr. Lamb encouraged me to apply for the 
McDermott Scholarship at UT Dallas, which I had not heard about previously. I was ultimately selected for the McDermott Program, a generous full-ride that includes a monthly stipend, professional development fund, and study abroad fund for scholars. The McDermott Program allowed me to study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina and intern in DC for a semester while in college. Needless to say, Sage Ridge set me up for success in college, and beyond, and I am forever grateful!


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