Alumni Update - February 2020

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Jess Thibault

With over 250 alumni now out in the world, we have our fair share of news to broadcast.

Dr. Alex Carpenter ('06) was recently published in Science magazine. Alex is a senior research chemist at Exxon Mobile and research conducted with his team was published under the title Highly active cationic cobalt(II) hydroformylation catalysts.

Audrey Thompson ('16) graduates from UC Berkeley with a degree in computer science in May, but has already accepted a position with Riot Games in Santa Monica! We are so thrilled she has landed her dream job in game programming.

Karly (Chelius) Randall ('11) graduated with her Masters in Business Administration from Willamette University in December. Her final project for the MBA focused on retaining and supporting employees by keeping morale up which leads to a higher productivity rate. She also got married while in graduate school, so extra congratulations are in order!

Alumni, have more news to share? Send it to Jess Thibault!


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