Anticipating the Future

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Tobin Bechtel

We have come to the close of an "interesting" year that will be forever etched into our memories and will also mold our mindsets for the future. And while communities continually change, the end of a school year always seems more momentous. Seniors graduate, some families and faculty move, and all of us anticipate the summer and future. As we say goodbye, we will also be saying hello to new families and faculty as our community continues to evolve and grow. Whether you are finishing or returning, you all will be a continuing part of our community which takes our Pillars out into the world. 

My hope is that all your experiences, relationships, and values developed at Sage Ridge will be an important part of your lives moving forward. I hope you will apply all that you have learned and keep connected no matter where you may go. There is an ancient Asian allegory about the Vinegar Tasters which has stayed with me since I first read about it in the Tao of Pooh (Benjamin Hoff) when I was a senior in high school. The story is about three philosophers who have tasted vinegar out of a large pot — vinegar which represents the essence of life. The first man has a sour face, the second a bitter expression, while the third is smiling. These philosophers represent the "three teachings" of China, with Confucianism taking a sour worldview, Buddhism bitter because of the suffering of earthly attachments, and Taoism recognizing with a smile that the world can have harmony if you work with it. In essence, the world is what we make of it and how we decide to interpret it. Different people will taste the same vinegar and react the way they choose to perceive it. 

In turn, I believe the more we take our Pillars into our everyday lives, the more we can smile and work towards harmony in an often tumultuous world. So wherever you go, live life to the fullest and believe in yourself that you can make the world a better place in the way you perceive it and all the little things we can do to make life that much sweeter. 

  • head's note
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