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Art Lesson: Nature Art Comes Indoors!

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Jess Thibault

Enjoy another fun lesson while experiencing the natural beauty of nature’s colors! Thank you, Ms. Iverson, for another great at-home activity to inspire us.

Lesson: Nature Art

Materials Needed: Paper, flowers/needles/leaves, hammer, pen


1. Collect a variety of plants and flowers taking clippings form your yard. 

2. Using white paper lay your pieces onto the paper and cover with a second sheet. Tape edges down to prevent slipping

3. Use a hammer to gently tap over plant including edges and stems. Unfold and leave out to dry. (You may need to try several attempts to get the right amount of pressure and coverage.)

4. Scrape dried foliage off paper and add gentle, light pen lines to accent natural design. Don’t cover the details, but lightly accent the edges and details.

Beautiful designs for artwork borders, notecards and botanical studies!

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