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Patrick Casey

Greetings, Scorpion Nation!

I first heard the term "Come with Me" teammate from a keynote speaker at a conference I attended years ago.  The individual spoke of a teammate he had that lived and played selflessly.  He credited his teammate for helping him "get better".  Not only on the field, but also in life.  You can see the impact this teammate had on this individual's life, and he would always be thankful for it. 

boys basketball team circle

I imagined someone who said, "Come with me to the weight room.  Come with me to run that extra lap.  Come with me to review for the test.  Come with me to fix whatever needs fixing.  Come with me to do better."  Someone who focuses on making himself/herself and the team GREAT.  Be a "Come with Me" teammate.  Be the person who encourages, who invites, who gives their time to others in order to help EVERYONE get better.  WE before ME!

The Upper School Ski Team had another great day of racing this past Tuesday at Mt. Rose!  Senior Elena Albregts finished 5th overall, Maddy Dutton came in 20th, and Kira Romberg finished 36th!  This is out of 60 racers in the girls division!

For the boys team, Logan Reeves found himself on the podium again with a solid 3rd place overall!  Nathan Barth landed in the top 20 at 18th, Eric Albregts finished 26th, Noah Grady 43, Austin Schler 44 (photo below), and Gilbert Patterson 50.  Great job to Coach Kirkwood and all our Scorpion Ski Racers!

The Boys Basketball Team traveled to Sacramento this past Saturday to participate in a non-league game with our fellow college preparatory school, Sacramento Country Day!  After a few years of trying to put this game together, we finally made it happen!  BIG bragging rights at stake with this game!  At the end of the 4th quarter, final buzzer, Sage Ridge 40 - Sacramento Country Day 34!  Later that evening, coaches, players, parents, and friends attended a very exciting Sacramento Kings vs San Antonio Spurs game at Golden One!  In the words of O'Shea Jackson (AKA Ice Cube), I gotta say it was a good day!

Congratulations to our MS Girls 7th and 8th Grade Volleyball teams for an exciting and fun 2019-20 volleyball season!  The 7th Grade team finished 5th overall, and the 8th Grade team finished 4th overall.  Thank you parents for your enthusiasm, support, and your help cleaning up after home games! Thank you to Coach Amy, Coach Karli, and Coach Kirstin for your leadership and care!  Thank you girls for your participation, your efforts, and your energy!!

Middle School Girls Soccer begins on Tuesday, February 18th, 3:30pm-4:45pm!  Girls Soccer is open to 5th-8th grade girls.  Coach Michelle Gallivan-Wallace is returning as the Head Soccer Coach!  Assisting her will be Coach Anthony Farnsworth!  We will be hosting all HOME games here at the school on Scorpion Field!  And yes, as always, the BBQ will be blazing during the games...get your hot dog on!!  For game schedule, please visit the athletic website at 

Mark you calendars: Upper School Spring Sports begin Monday, February 24th!  Boys/Girls Swimming, Boys/Girls Track & Field, Boys Golf!

Have a great weekend, and...GO SCORPIONS!!


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