Caleb Briggs ('21) Contracted with MIT Press to Publish Book

Caleb Briggs ('21) Contracted with MIT Press to Publish Book
Sage Ridge School

Caleb Briggs, who graduated from Sage Ridge School in 2021, has recently contracted with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to publish a book based off of the senior thesis he wrote during his time here.

Part 1 of the book is essentially his senior thesis. Part 2 is written by his father, Rex Briggs, and includes business use cases that Rex developed based on Caleb’s theories about AI’s strengths and weaknesses. When the development editor first reviewed the book, she commented, “I like Caleb’s part the best.” The book is currently being taught based on the draft manuscript at Syracuse University – Caleb and Rex did a guest lecture this month via Zoom. With MIT behind the book now, they expect it will be taught at a number of leading universities next year!

"It is a credit to Sage Ridge and specifically his teachers. We will be giving credit in the acknowledgments,"  says Rex Briggs. "We are not aware of MIT Press publishing many high school senior theses. They are, as you can imagine, pretty selective."

Congratulations to Caleb on this monumental achievement! 

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