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Tobin Bechtel

Think back to the first time you came to Sage Ridge. Whether it was as a student, parent, or staff member it probably brought back the "butterflies in your stomach feeling" of the first day of school. Excitement and trepidation. A few hours later, we are part of a community that has warmly welcomed us, and as time goes by it deepens as we make more connections. This is one of the keys of what makes our school such a special place.

These connections go well beyond our kids connecting in school. Our families embracing other new families as our classes evolve creates opportunities for our community. As we share time together in and out school, parents get to know each other in ways that we enjoy time together and help support each other through the inevitable tensions that parenting entails. We discover activities that connect our kids beyond school. We can help our children by modeling good interactions with their friends' parents. And these connections help our students even further when we volunteer, host events, and are involved in the life of our school.

As our alumni base expands, we have them increasingly connecting back to our school to work with our students and faculty in sharing their experiences, passions, and projects. I know that alum parents are often connected long after their children have graduated. We have parents who help us sponsor senior internships, offer student sessions, serve as community leads, and continue to come to our galas or attend games or productions. These connections matter; they make us who we are as a school drawing upon our unique power of small and involved.

PS - We have a New Family Social on April 29 at 6 p.m. If you would like to be involved in welcoming new families, please contact Sydney Peters at

  • head's note
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