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John Sloyan

Greetings Debate Fans!

Scorpion Debate had a great outing at Carson High School this Saturday. Seventeen competitors representing grades 9-12 compiled 23 round victories and one third place finish. Awesome!

To the deets:


“Virtual” Chase Warner ’19 held down the fort once again for SRS congress and received solid endorsements from his judges. Chase has been our most consistent congress representative over the years and continues to be a force for us in that event. Great job!


Aryan Shukla ‘20 and Kira Romberg ’22 had strong rounds but the ballots did not fall their way as they went 1-2 on the day. Although they did not did not three-peat their way to finals this tournament, they gave two of the strongest teams all they could handle. They will be hunting for hardware next month at Spanish Springs.  

Lincoln Douglas

It was a strange day for Senior Lincoln Douglas debaters as none of the district’s top seeds made it to finals, including William Moore ‘19 who went 3-1. William defeated the reigning state champion and was headed toward a perfect record when he unfortunately entered a round judged by Eris, the Greek Goddess of Strife and Discord, who instead of destroying mortals by throwing golden apples, was apparently judging debate rounds in Carson City. Although by any measure William won the round, the loss kept him out of finals but will not keep him from rebounding at Spanish Springs next month and at the NV State tournament in March.  

Joining William in Senior LD was Luxi Sun ’20  who went 2-2 in her first attempt at LD debate. Luxi brought a lot of enthusiasm and fun to the team as she fearlessly entered rounds against much more experienced opponents. Luxi will make some adjustments and improve next month at Spanish Springs.   

Mason “Toegz” Togliatti ’21 attained instant folk-hero status as he broke into finals for the first time after going 3-1 on the day. His only loss came to the eventual tournament champion. Equally impressive was his 7th place speaker placement – by far his strongest showing yet. Toegz has become virtually impossible to derail in cross examination, and he is debating with purpose and power. Look for another strong showing next month from Mason.

Maddy Lewis ’20 put up four strong rounds in only her first attempt at LD debate, coming away with a 3-1 record and a 6th place speaker finish – wow! Maddy had to deal with far more experienced debaters and gave them all a run for their money. Well done!

Nate Mulvaney ’21 earned two wins and landed a remarkable 4th place in speaker points. He is on the verge of putting it all together in only his first season of debate. Watch out for Nate in upcoming tournaments as he may very well break into finals at his next tournament. Awesome!

Griffin Lovato ’21 picked up a win and continued his steady progress in LD debate. Griffin is gaining valuable experience with each round, and like Skynet, he is learning at a geometric rate. His growing confidence may land him in finals at his next tournament.

Public Forum

Cade “Gang-Gang” Rombardo ‘20 and Varun “West Side” Pandit ‘20 teamed up for the first time in Public Forum and pulled off an impressive 2-2 showing. Both boys finished as top ten speakers, a remarkable achievement considering that this was their first time competing in Senior PF. These two are going to team up again and may very well break next month. Amazing!

Vidhi “Free Cheese” Pandit ’21 and Jens-Emil “The Arm” Clausen ‘21 also competed for the first time as Seniors and came away with four solid rounds and a victory. A judge remarked on Jens-Emil’s “excellent use of facts, percentages, and statistics to counter in cross-ex” and another pointed out that Vidhi’s courtesy during a round was “above and beyond.” Look for a strong showing from these two next month.     

Flynn Lundeen ‘21 and Brandon Lillaney ’21 did a great job in picking up a win in what was Flynn’s first ever debate competition. Brandon was top speaker in their final round, and both boys ended with over 100 speaker points on the day. What an impressive outing! Great work.

Drew Haebler ‘22 and Gil Patterson ’22 went 2-2 on the day and while both boys topped the 100 speaker point threshold, Drew earned his first top-ten speaker finish. These two improve in different aspects at each tournament and are in a great position to return to the finals once again next month.

SPECIAL THANKS to Jeanine Chaney-Haebler, Drew’s mom, for feeding us all once again, and to Philip Moore for judging. We’d also like to thank Mae King ‘23 for dropping by and supporting the team.
Next Up: February 23 at Spanish Springs (note the change from the original schedule).
Yours in the Cause!
Mr. S.

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