Clark Peng ('24) Named 2023 Harvard Prize Book Award Recipient

Clark Peng ('24) Named 2023 Harvard Prize Book Award Recipient
Trisha French

On Monday, May 8, 2023, Clark Peng received the Harvard Prize Book Award at the Arrowcreek Resident's Center as one of only four recipients in our region.

The Harvard Prize Book is awarded annually by the Harvard Club of Northern Nevada and the Sierra to high school juniors who are invited to apply based on their outstanding accomplishments, including the following:

  • An unweighted GPA of 3.75 with a minimum of six honors and/or AP classes.
  • Significant extra-curricular achievements and/or after-school work experience
  • High Character

Dr. Ginger Hovenic and Rob Lamb were in attendance at the reception along with Clark's father and other students' parents, and each awardee read their application essay before receiving their prizes (copies of a book described below). Each student also received a check for $500 through the generous donations of Harvard alumni. Also of note, a portion of the recommendation letter that Aurora Santangelo wrote for Clark for his application was read by the club's president, Jeannie Reeth. 

This year's Harvard prize book, Making the Most of College: Students Speak Their Mindsby Richard J. Light PhD ’69, offers concrete advice from his 10 years of interviews with Harvard seniors. Professor Light answers fundamental questions: How do you choose classes wisely? What is the best way to study? Why do some professors inspire you while others leave you cold? How can you connect what you’re learning in the classroom with the rest of your life? Filled with practical advice, illuminated with stories of real students’ self-doubts, failures, discoveries, and hopes, the book is a handbook for academic and personal success.

Congratulations, Clark, on receiving this well-deserved award!