Coffeehouse November 2021

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Marnie Sturm


On Friday, 12 November we had our first Coffeehouse of the year! There were 8 wonderful acts we got to watch. We are so proud of the courage it took for these students to perform and the respect the audience showed listening and cheering on each and every student. We appreciate the time and effort it took for our students to learn and prepare for their acts - exemplifying scholarship. Thank you to our Sage Ridge Community for coming and supporting the acts at Coffeehouse. We will have two more before the academic year is over!

Take a look at the acts from the first Coffeehouse:

Scene from 12 Angry Jurors performed by the Sage Ridge School Theatre Production's cast

Sam Browder (Grade 8) playing Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" on the Piano


Milin Sekhon playing the piano

Dominic Hernandez playing "In the Hall of the Mountain King" on the violin

Guiliana and Kiran singing "Dear Theodosia" from Hamilton

Gygy Najjar singing and rapping "My Shot" from Hamilton

Nate Brodsky playing the guitar

Ethan Wu playing the Erhu

Jack, Michael and Scarlet performing a song Scarlet wrote

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