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Christine Seiber
Jess Thibault in 2015 and 2021

From left, Jess Thibault celebrates her marriage proposal at Sage Ridge School in 2015 and poses for a staff photo in 2021.

After a seven-year journey that began in western Massachusetts and culminated in growing a career and family in south Reno, Director of Communications Jess Thibault is leaving Sage Ridge School at the end of May to forge a new path.

She and her family plan to remain in Reno as Jess takes on the role of Vice President of Marketing at Hire Education, an educational technology recruitment firm. Her new job — which is 100 percent remote — reflects her entrepreneurial spirit.

Relocating from Massachusetts in 2014 to teach science and computer science at SRS, Jess revamped and expanded those programs. In 2017, she turned her attention to strengthening the SRS brand while launching a Media Arts class to share her passion for communication strategy with students. One year later, she transitioned to the Director of Communications role and spearheaded the school's website redesign.

"Jess transformed the face of Sage Ridge and has made a significant impact on our visibility in the community," Upper School Dean Emily Dolan said. "Her work clearly reflects her passion for the Sage Ridge mission and for helping the school to grow."

Director of Enrollment Management Sydney Peters agrees.

"Jess has been an incredible mentor and guide throughout my first few months here at Sage Ridge," Sydney said. "She has made incredible contributions to our school, and she will be a huge asset to any community or organization."

Jess jokingly considers herself an alumna of SRS because of the ways the school shaped her life. She met SRS math department head Bret Thibault on the first teacher work day in 2014 and celebrated their engagement in the school's Great Space in 2015.

"The Great Space erupted in applause and shouts when two students announced we got engaged," she said. "At one point, the ruckus seemed like it was quieting down, only to erupt all over again. It was a beautiful moment I will always cherish."

The pair invited the SRS community to their wedding and grew their family with Alette in 2018 and Estelle in 2020. Shortly after Estelle's arrival, Jess earned an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Most recently, Jess branded and publicly launched the AIM Campaign to expand the SRS campus.

"None of this work was done alone," Jess said. "The expertise and mentorship of Sage Ridge parents, staculty and volunteers have expanded my understanding of marketing communications and majorly contributed to both my success and the school's success."

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