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Jess Thibault

We know that all of you are already supporting our Reno community during COVID 19.  Thank you!  Based on what we've heard from you, we've gathered a Sage Ridge Cares list for your further consideration.  As we head into summer, these are some creative ways to continue to connect, to support and to give locally.  

1)  Put your fingers to work.  Make your own mask and make masks to donate.  

Our very own parent, Joanne Romberg, has been making masks with Masks Across Nevada.  If you are wondering about additional resources, please check their FB page.  

2)  Host a virtual theater performance or concert.

3)  Support local movie houses with a movie night.

4)  If you are over 16 years old, consider donating blood.

5)  Host a virtual food drive to raise money for the Northern Nevada Food Bank or sign up to volunteer!   

6)  Continue to support local businesses.

7)  Help your neighbor by shopping, dog walking, or mowing their lawn.

8)  Emails and Letter writing. This can be a great way to communicate with grandparents and homebound relatives. It can be an interview style opportunity to learn more about a neighbor or relative and engage with them or it can be notes for Meals on Wheels and food delivery that is going out locally to elderly/home bound. And there is a national campaign for letter to Veterans.

9)  Donate pet food.

10)  Several organizations are accepting household items.  If you can donate diapers to Nevada’s Early Intervention Program then please contact Julie Dyson.  Most non-profits are now accepting donations for drop-off.  In the coming month, you can also consider hosting a garage sale and giving all (or some) of the proceeds to your favorite non-profit. 

11)  Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful.  While there are no current volunteer opportunities, don’t let that stop you from putting on a pair of gloves, grabbing a trash bag and picking up trash on your next hike along the Truckee river or any trial for that matter!  

12)  Northern Nevada Volunteer Postings and lots of community resources to be found at the Community Foundation of Western Nevada.

13) Go for a hike and pick up some trash.  Next time you go for a hike, take a trash bag and gloves.  Pick up trash along your route.

14)  Look for loose change in your house.  Parents generally won’t complain when kids are cleaning between the sofa cushions so go ahead and see how many coins you can find around your house!  Set a goal and see if over the next month you can find ways to double that amount by working for your parents and other family members then make a donation to your favorite cause! 

Things are rapidly changing with the Phase 2 re-opening but we know that all of these organizations will continue to have needs throughout the summer. This is GREAT news. 

And on that note, if you have good news stories to share, please send them to Sage Ridge’s very own Giuliana Hovenic, who is collecting 1000 pieces of Good News.

Feel free to share other opportunities to volunteer in the community in a comment below. 


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