Counselor Corner: Why Parents Should Read Lisa Damour's "The Emotional Lives of Teenagers"

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Counselor Corner: Why Parents Should Read Lisa Damour's "The Emotional Lives of Teenagers"
Heather Power


Sage Ridge School Counselor Heather Power

Trying to understand and navigate the complex world of adolescence? Pick up a copy of Lisa Damour's book "The Emotional Lives of Teenagers" for some insights. This book provides a comprehensive and compassionate exploration of teenagers' emotional challenges and offers practical advice for parents to support their children during this crucial stage of development.

In "The Emotional Lives of Teenagers," Lisa Damour delves into the psychological changes and developmental milestones that occur during the teenage years. It helps parents understand why their teenagers might exhibit certain behaviors, emotions, and reactions. Damour illustrates teenagers' emotional and social challenges through real-life stories and scenarios. These anecdotes provide relatable examples that help parents connect with the material. Damour offers practical strategies and tools for parents to communicate with their teenagers and manage conflicts. Damour provides tools to help parents guide their teenagers through peer pressure, academic stress, and mood fluctuations.

Parents must maintain a delicate balance between allowing teenagers to explore their independence while continuing their protective role as parents. "The Emotional Lives of Teenagers" guides parents on setting appropriate boundaries while fostering open communication.

Other important topics the book covers include technology, social media, and its impact on teenagers' emotional well-being. It provides strategies for helping teenagers develop healthy relationships with screens and navigate online interactions. Damour discusses the prevalence of anxiety and depression among teenagers and guides recognizing the signs, seeking professional help, and offering appropriate support.

Overall, "The Emotional Lives of Teenagers" is a book I highly recommend as a resource for parents seeking to understand their teenagers better and build strong, supportive relationships. It offers valuable insights, actionable advice, and a reassuring perspective that can help parents navigate the challenges and joys of raising adolescents.

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