Dr. Roth Says Farewell to Sage Ridge As He Plans to Retire From Teaching

Dr. Roth Says Farewell to Sage Ridge As He Plans to Retire From Teaching
Dr. David Roth

Dear Sage Ridge Community,

It is with mixed emotions that I am writing this farewell note in our wonderful Sage Ridge Spotlight! I have been teaching Biology (CP-, Honors-, and AP-) and Human Anatomy & Physiology over the last 5 years, as well as a series of "Outdoor Adventures" during Sage Sessions including avalanche safety & CPR classes, mountain biking, rock climbing, orienteering, kayaking, hiking, tent camping, ropes courses, creek and lake swimming, and hot spring soaking! I have enjoyed every aspect of SRS: attentive and productive students, superb colleagues, and loving/generous parents and families. I have watched my former students get into some of the best universities in the USA, and some of them are now in graduate and professional schools in many different fields such as medicine, nursing, physical therapy, optometry, ambulance/first responder, physical therapy, and yep - even law school! They are spread across many hospitals and clinics, research institutions and biotechnology centers across the country - these "kids" make me proud and happy…indeed, very fulfilled!

However, I have a wonderful but neglected home and family in Del Mar, CA near the Pacific Ocean that has been a constant magnet for my return: my beautiful and patient wife Katharin is a PE teacher and soccer coach, and now both my children, Stella & Lucas, have graduated college and are fully employed in NYC and San Diego, respectively. We have many relatives and friends spread across the coasts and Rocky Mountains that wonder "when are you ever going to visit and stay for a while?" So now it is time for me to say Goodbye to my beloved Reno-Tahoe and return to the beach and desert for some SoCal outdoor adventures of my own! I will miss all of you and our funtastic school and community, with plenty of fine dining, outdoor adventures, and laughs - but you haven't seen the last of me yet…I promise to visit SRS often for hugs and high fives? Farewell, and thank you for the thrills!