Dreams and Courage

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Tobin Bechtel

The time of senior stress is waxing as they grapple with their college essays and applications. I am amazed by how well they are doing considering the circumstances of their schooling this year. In spite of having to adapt to distance learning and having many rites of passage changed because of the pandemic (not to mention smoke) they are not only being stalwart, but they are also actually still smiling through it all. 

Earlier this week we hosted an open house for families interested in coming to Sage Ridge. We had three senior representatives take time to give tours to over 20 families and speak about their experience at Sage Ridge. They spoke of challenge and caring given to them by their teachers. They spoke about the opportunities in arts, athletics, and activities beyond the classroom that they have had more access to at a smaller school. They know that they are known and that they have support in ways that most schools cannot hope to provide.

They also emphasized the importance of our community and how they are part of it. Our seniors certainly embody our pillars and I know they will go on to do great things. During our community meeting this week, a quote was mentioned from Walt Disney: “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” What I see in our seniors is that they have wonderful dreams and the courage needed to pursue them.

  • head's note
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