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Patrick Casey

Greetings, Scorpion Nation!

How do coaches recognize a "coachable moment?"  Is it when an athlete is struggling?  An impromptu opportunity for learning?  When you see an opportunity for growth?  When an athlete is demonstrating accountability or leadership?  All the above!  These are just a few examples of opportunities coaches can immediately respond to and say, "Let me assist you with how you are thinking about this." 

Identifying a coachable moment is one thing.  Knowing when to engage the moment is another. 

  • Is the athlete ready to receive your insight?  It may be directly after a tough loss, and emotions are high.  Is the athlete in the proper state of mind to accept coaching?
  • Time and place.  Can the athlete control their situation?  Decide what to do, or what not to do?  Is the environment suited to take action?  Is this the time to explore the moment properly?
  • How strong is the coach/athlete relationship?  Coaches should be in sync with their athletes.  Take the time to truly understand the athlete's emotions and ideas.  Kids won't care unless they know you care.

Coachable moments will present themselves to you on a daily basis.  These moments do not have to only exist in the athletic space.  Don't pass on the opportunity to help someone develop just because they are not part of your schedule or team, or you simply choose not to take action.  Be in the present and look for coachable moments!

Congratulations to Logan Reeves for finishing 3rd overall at Tuesday's Mt Rose 4A Ski Race!  Eric Albregts finished 33rd and Aidan Adams came in at 47th!

Elena Albregts, who finished 3rd overall in last week's race, had a solid 7th place finish this week!  Kira Romberg had a great day of skI racing placing 39th overall!

Our Girls Basketball team had two games this past week: Saturday vs Smith Valley and Tuesday vs Excel Christian!  The team continues to push forward through the season and improves with every game, free throw, rebound, and bucket!  The team will enter their final week of regular season play on the 11th vs Sierra Lutheran!

The Boys Basketball team is sitting solid at 2nd overall in the 1A West!  With a dominating win over Excel Christian this past Tuesday, the team improved their record to 5-2!  The team travels to Sacramento this Saturday to take on Sacrament Country Day in a non-league game to determine just WHO is the Independent College Preparatory Powerhouse of Sierra Nevada!  After the game, you can find us at Golden One cheering for the Kings!

The final week of MS Girls Volleyball is upon us!  It has come down to the final TWO games to determine Sage Ridge's shot at a spot in the 2020 TAH NEVA Championships!  Join me in wishing the girls the best of luck in the final games, and also congratulating our Scorpion Volleyball Teams on a fun, exciting, and successful season!

I also enjoy acknowledging our Sage Ridge athletes for their accomplishments outside of official Sage Ridge sports.  This week, two particular Sage Ridge student-athletes have represented themselves, their teams, and their school very, very well!  Junior Nate Mulvaney was selected by the Reno 1868 FC to be a part of 1868 FC Academy Soccer Team and will participate in the USL Academy Cup Tournament in Tampa Bay this coming May!  Players were selected from Nevada high schools.  Congratulations, Nate!  We are so proud of you!

4th Grade student Rhys Ferrito recently competed in 3 major 5k races in California: Holiday Bowl San Diego, Rose Bowl 5k in Pasadena, and the Kaiser Permanente in SF!  2nd place in the first two races and 1st place in the third!!  He also threw down a PR of 20:47!!  Way to race, Rhys!!  Can't wait until this kid runs Sage Ridge XC next year!

Stay active, Scorpion Nation, and have a great weekend! 



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