Flipping the Script on Discipline

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Cameron Crain

“Through Discipline Comes Freedom” - Aristotle 

What is discipline? 

Discipline is a loaded word. Especially for students. When they hear discipline they think “busted.” They feel pain and shame. And since one of the strongest cognitive biases we have is to avoid pain and pursue pleasure, they naturally want to avoid discipline. 

And yet we need discipline because it is a building block of character education. Every one of our pillars requires discipline: Scholarship, Respect, Integrity, Courage, Community. They all take work. They all take massive effort. And the right efforts performed consistently over time create habits. And the habits we accept leads to the choices we make. Which defines our character. 

Flipping the script on discipline? 

Yes, discipline means following the rules - adhering to the laws of the land. But it also means to train, to drill and to exercise with the goal of getting better. And that’s what the Sage Ridge Way is all about: becoming the best version of yourself. 

At a community meeting last week I challenged our students to make discipline their friend. How do we do this? By embracing the pillars. By running towards them rather than away from them. By seizing the moment. One of the best examples of this happened Wednesday morning with the upper school girls basketball team. 

Upon following a hard loss at Virginia City Tuesday night, senior captain Siena Hall told the girls in the locker room: “Girls, we have got to get in better shape. I will be at school at 6am to start running. Who is with me?” 

Sure enough the next morning (and the next) Siena and the girls ran 1 - 2 miles before practice even started at 6:15am! And the intensity and efficiency of practice has reached a new level in the past few days. The girls are befriending discipline and using it to their advantage. 

Your Role

One of the greatest benefits of our community is that we have a shared value: excellence in education. We are all here to make the most of these precious years with our kids. As one parent told me, “you only get one chance to get their childhood right.” 

If you can embrace the pillars with us, we can do more together. If you integrate them at home while we strive to model them here, we can create a common theme that will accelerate their character education. 

Let’s get it right. Let’s do this. Let’s make discipline our friend.




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