Forging the Future

  • Head's Note
Tobin Bechtel

Amidst all the adaptions we had to make this past year, there is a larger question lurking about forging the future of education. There will not be a simple return to the way things used to be. While it is a cliche, a "new normal" will have to be created. The pandemic has accelerated the need to grapple with long-term, systemic issues facing education around the world from how we support mental health and equity/inclusion to the development of curriculum and assessment.

At the same time, the pandemic has initiated innovation as we needed to rapidly develop ways to continue the work with our students. At Sage Ridge, our faculty deserves recognition for their courage using technology differently and creatively to engage students while continuing to offer a challenging curriculum. Without question, we are fortunate we have been able to do amazing things in spite of the circumstances. 

The question becomes how might we keep this going and continue to grow? What innovations do we keep, which practices do we jettison, and where do we need to continue development? These are the questions that drive our faculty to be the best they can be in helping all our students to succeed. Our firm focus on these larger questions models both the learning journey for our students and the imperative for leadership as we prepare them for careers that have not yet been contemplated. Sage Ridge is actively forging the future of independent education for the benefit of our community.  

  • head's note
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