Community: Four Sage Ridge Parent Volunteers on Why They Donate Their Time

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Community: Four Sage Ridge Parent Volunteers on Why They Donate Their Time
Sage Ridge School

Volunteering at Sage Ridge has never been easier with our new “Donate Your Time” page! Find all of the upcoming volunteer opportunities and bookmark the page, as it will be updated frequently with new ways to contribute to the Sage Ridge experience. Volunteerism at school plays a large role in community building. It also elevates the experience for our children, their classmates, and the teachers providing our students with the best academic and developmental journey. 

Why volunteer? Meet four Sage Ridge parents who share why and how they dedicate their time and experience to supporting the Sage Ridge community. 

Katrina Honens

Sage Ridge parent Katrina Honens volunteers at the PA New Family Soiree

Katrina Honens, new to the Sage Ridge community in 2023-2024 and parent to a 6th-grade Scorpion, is frequently found volunteering on campus on Fridays. From helping with the “Fire & Ice” Gala to organizing the lost and found to managing the slider bar at the Parent Association’s New Family Soirée, Katrina brings positivity, heart, and a willingness to support the school in every volunteer opportunity. 

“I feel honored and privileged to be a part of the Sage Ridge Family, which provides much care for our children,” Honens said. “I am indebted, therefore I give of myself by showing up and being ready to do whatever is asked of me….I especially love being around the children, as their curiosity and enthusiasm keep me young at heart.” 

Whether you’re volunteering on a committee or for a one-day event, Katrina emphasizes that the school works around your schedule and when you’re available to donate your time. 

“Everyone is included and has a part of the wheel,” Honens said about volunteering. “Our children see us as role models, therefore we are examples to them, and hopefully they too will carry on with the same intent in service of love and care.” 


Charles Sherven 

Sage Ridge parent Charles Sherven with his daughter Lauren Sherven '25 at a Varsity Ski Team Race

Charles Sherven learned how to solve problems and fix things growing up on a farm in North Dakota. Now, as a parent to Scorpions in 10th and 8th grade, Sherven applies his “whatever needs to be done, try to get it done” go-getter mindset when volunteering at Sage Ridge School. From woodworking to gutter maintenance to flooding issues to painting, Sherven’s volunteerism has led to crucial campus care. 

“I knew help was needed around campus, and while volunteering, I was seeing other things needed attention,” Sherven said. “At the end of the day, this is directly helping the kids. It is nice to be able to help everybody, get to know people a little bit, and let them know that you care.”

Good-natured and thoughtful, Sherven is a jack of all trades who loves to share his skills with the school to make a positive impact. Sherven sees a to-do list and tackles it with positivity, integrity and a charitable character. 

"It's all about helping the world be a better place and leaving it better than you found it,” Sherven said. “It does make a person smile.” 


Becky Calder 

Sage Ridge parent Becky Calder manages the 100% Volunteer-Run PA Lunch Program

Becky Calder is a retired Naval Officer, parent to two Sage Ridge Middle School students and the first woman pilot to graduate from the U.S. Navy-Fighter Weapons School–aka TOPGUN. Calder manages the Parent Association (PA)’s 100% volunteer-driven Sage Ridge School lunch program, overseeing the operations of the school's year-long, Monday-Friday volunteer program. 

“The benefit to parents volunteering for the lunch program is seeing the kids in their element and getting a sense of what their daily life is like and meeting other parents,” Calder said. “That’s been really fun. The top benefit is definitely being able to see your kids.” 

Calder encourages parents to get involved in classroom activities when parent help is needed and to stay connected with the Class Leads, a connection especially helpful when you’re new to Sage Ridge. Calder’s family joined Sage Ridge in 2022. 

“Reaching out to the Class Leads is a great way to see where you can help. You learn more about the school, the programs it has to offer, and the incredible teachers we have,” Calder said about volunteering to help with class activities. “I would encourage parents, especially new families, to get in touch with your Class Leads and see where you can get involved.” 


Mike Joyer 

Sage Ridge parent Mike Joyer is a dedicated volunteer

Mike Joyer, father of 8th- and 9th-grade Scorpions Hannah and Bradley and incoming 4th-grader Emily, is a familiar face inside and outside the classroom at Sage Ridge School. Joyer brings his professional and technical experience to campus, volunteering to teach a STEM Sage Session and presenting to classrooms about engineering and science or elevating the campus experience through maintenance and improvement projects. Joyer is always on board to positively impact the students at Sage Ridge and their educational experience.

“It is important for me to volunteer because I want my kids and all their classmates to have the best educational experience possible,” Joyer said. “I’ve observed that outside professionals visiting classrooms is very impactful on kids. You may spark a student’s curiosity, influence the profession they want to pursue, or at a minimum, demonstrate to the kids that they are important by making time in your day to visit.” 

Joyer believes a school’s success correlates with parent involvement, encouraging parents to share strengths and talents to support the school and its students. 

“If you want to volunteer but have a busy schedule, I would recommend scheduling a one-time classroom visit to share your unique professional and life experience,” Joyer said. “If public speaking isn’t for you, there are lots of behind-the-scenes projects that need help. Reach out to teachers and administrators to see how you can help.”


We're looking for volunteers for the upcoming Sage Ridge School Fire & Ice Gala on March 16, our 100% Volunteer-Run PA Lunch Program, student life events, and more! Check out "Donate Your Time" here.