Grade 12 Outdoor Education in Tomales Bay

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Marnie Sturm


Last week, our Senior class traveled to Tomales Bay, the tidal waterway between the California mainland in Marin County, and Pt. Reyes National Seashore for their final Outdoor Education week. Seniors camped in tents on the beach at Lawson's Landing, then kayaked with all their camping gear across the mouth of the bay to Avila beach. Daily activities included kayaking 8 miles to Hog Island, multiple hikes to Dillon Beach, Tomales Point, and around the two camp locations. Four guides from Sea Trek (outfitters from Sausalito, CA provided kayak gear and paddling/safety instruction, and natural history lessons of the bay and peninsula, the San Andreas Fault, Miwok Native American tribes, and lessons in wildlife habitat and ecology including tule elk, foxes, wild turkeys, raccoons, coyotes, sea lions, harbor seals, and a plethora of sea birds like pelicans, cormorants, and gulls. The students shared cooking and cleaning duties, campfire stories and games, team-building challenges, and loved their time together as seniors about to head off to college this time next year! 









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