In the Classroom: April 2023

In the Classroom: April 2023
Trisha French

April has been a month full of fun and learning for our Scorpions! 


Lower School

Mrs. B's artists created butterflies to celebrate spring!

Ms. Lopez and Ms. Kratzer have been taking Lower and Middle School Scorpions on hikes during PE in order to enjoy the lovely spring weather!

Ms. Lopez's Lower School Spanish students played different games and created monsters using descriptions in Spanish.

Scorpions are excited for Sage Session! Grade 3 students have been helping Mrs. B prepare for the pollinator garden by organizing seeds.


Middle School

Middle School Scorpions in Mrs. Gallivan-Wallace's class dissected their first mammals (we will spare you all from pictures of the rat dissections). 

Mrs. Gallivan-Wallace's students have also been observing ionic and molecular compounds. They have learned how to organize materials by type of bond.


Upper School

Dr. Roth's students reached an exciting milestone in their education and dissected fetal pigs. The pigs are anatomically more similar to humans and provided a great learning experience for the students. 

Ms. Ashton helped the seniors create t-shirts by screen printing designs.