In the Classroom: May 2023

In the Classroom: May 2023
Trisha French

We are reaching the end of the 2023-2024 School Year! Our students are wrapping up the year with the always exciting Sage Sessions, where they have the opportunity to learn from teachers they may not always get to have classes with, and teachers are able to offer courses they have expertise in outside of their usual classes.

Lower School

One of the Sage Sessions offered this year is learning about pollinator gardens with Mrs. B! They are planting native Nevadan perennials and annuals that will attract birds and insects. The kids have loved learning about gardening, native habitats, and the import role pollinators play in nature. We can't wait to see more updates on their great work!

Grade 7 students got to take an archery lesson during PE with Ms. Kratzer!

In PE with Ms. Lopez, Grade 3 students learned about disability awareness week. They experienced what it feels like to be blind or lose some mobility while playing sports. 

Austin Hammond ('32) made this gorgeous sketch by hand in Ms. B's class!

Middle School

Staff from DRI will be working with the Mrs. Gallivan-Wallace's Tahoe Sage Session class. Students will be learning about the threat of micro plastics to our water. They are exploring Thomas Creek watershed to assist their exploration and understanding of Lake Tahoe.

Ms. Santangelo's Middle School STEM classes will be building geodesic domes out of cardboard. Each class will collaborate on one. They might be able to stand up in them!

Ms. Kenney's Grade 6 students had their country project presentations. 

Mrs. Gallivan-Wallace's Grade 8 students built rockets (stomp rockets) and had a blast launching them! Grade 7 students observed evidence of chemical reactions.

Grade 6 Scorpions got to go to Coffeebar to perform a poetry reading this semester! They studied poetry and poetic devices in their English class and then created, drafted, and developed their own original poems. They had a wonderful experience presenting the culmination of all their hard work, and we couldn't be prouder of these courageous Middle School students! Huge thank you to the teachers, parents, and community supporters who have supported the class on this project!

Grade 7 Scorpions (class of 2028) had so much fun at the annual Amazing Race event yesterday afternoon! They played games outside, competed in friendly challenges, and loved showing off their tie-dye t-shirts!

Grade 8 had tons of fun walking to the park to enjoy the nice weather for their last PE class.

Grade 7 students had a cooking party to celebrate the end of the school year with Ms. Lopez! Everyone made a dish and enjoyed lunch together.


Upper School

For their final exam, Dr. Smith-Nichols' Honors Chem did a lab practical. Using the skills they have accumulated during the course of this school year, they made fireworks! We ignited their work on the concrete pad north of Crossbow at the end of the exam.

Mr. Cvetich's AP Psych class watched the documentary "Bad Kids" and assessed how schools meet Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Following that, they digitally designed a classroom to present what they see as the "perfect" classroom based on Maslow's theories.

A team of upper schoolers—alongside the guidance of Dr. Roth—have been aiding Dr. Mitch Strominger and Hannah Speth from Renown to conduct vision screenings for our lower school students! They have been happy to help provide this service, and they have been making it fun process for the younger students.

Ms. Ashton's Studio Art class did a group project for their final this year (mixed media painting 30” X 48”)! This project allowed them to come together and focus on the variety of mediums they have learned about this year along with project planning, production schedules, deadlines, philosophy of work, and teamwork.

Sam Browder made this cool lighthouse using the 3D printer!

Public Art Sage Session with Ms. Ashton!