In the Classroom: October 2022

In the Classroom: October 2022
Trisha French


Our students have had a very art-driven and fun October! Check out what they have been doing:

Lower School

LS and MS Scorpions had a great time sharing their projects in the Outdoor Ed Showcase.

Middle School

Middle School Scorpions dissected squids in Mrs. Gallivan-Wallace's class.

Mrs. McCartney's Grade 7 students coded their own pixel artwork!

Scorpions had lots of fun tie-dying advisory sweatshirts with Mrs. B and Ms. Cobb.

Upper School

Upper School Scorpions worked on their sculpting projects with Mrs. Ashton.

Senior Scorpions began research work for their theses with Dr. Roth and Dr. McGann. They are making use of the expansive resources at the University of Nevada.

Dr. McGann's English students peer reviewed each other's essays.

Media Arts students got to design and heat press their own class sweatshirts.

Mr. Sadanaga always makes learning math fun!

Dr. Roth's Honors and CP Biology classes identified and photographed native Nevadan plants up in Galena Creek Park. Dr. Roth said "this is an ecologically interesting meeting of transition zones with high desert, riparian, and conifers present in a 1.2 mile loop." It's so great that our Scorpions get to learn about our local wildlife by getting outdoors!