In the Classroom: September 2022

In the Classroom: September 2022
Trisha French


We've had a great start to the 2022-2023 school year! Here's a look at what some of our Scorpions have been learning.


Lower School

Grade 4 students learned about art and geography simultaneously by creating topographical maps of Nevada. They loved learning about our state’s mountain ranges, valleys, lakes, and rivers in such a hands-on way!



Middle School

Grade 7 students collected data on pendulums for Mrs. Gallivan-Wallace’s class.

Grade 8 students conducted science experiments to recognize signs of life with Mrs. Gallivan-Wallace.


Grade 8 students gave presentations about historic pioneers in Computer Science in Mr. Andersen’s class.


Upper School

Mr. Sadanaga’s Pre-calc class learned about local max/min, absolute max/min, increasing/decreasing intervals, and composition of functions.

Grade 8 and Grade 9 students learned about the physics of inertia by pushing a car in neutral! 

All three of Dr. Roth’s Biology classes (CP, H, and AP) made yogurt by adding bacterial cultures ("probiotics") to pasteurized milk. The inoculated milk was incubated at 37*C for 48 hours, and has now become yogurt, and in some cases, Kefir! Students are sampling these, and many other cultured dairy products, as well as Kimchee (fermented cabbage), pickles (fermented cucumbers), blue cheese, and many other foods and flavors using bacteria as the organism for fermentation.

AP Psychology presented the "Zombie Restaurant Menus" they made regarding parts of the brain in a dish and how that part will "enhance/boost their own capacities" for Mr. Cvetich’s class. 

Freshmen in Mrs. Dolan’s class presented their proposals for how schools can better serve students today. The presentations are the result of two weeks of a project that looked at the goals of education and an examination of how well schools currently support those goals. One group is presenting on mental health, one is presenting on social skills development, and one is presenting on dress code. Students researched the issue they identified, the limitations surrounding the issue, and what has already been done in schools to address the issue. Their solutions have to be plausible and demonstrate understanding of multiple perspectives and stakeholder needs.


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