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Ben Browder ('24)

Multiple students earned awards in Academic Testing during the JCL State Convention hosted virtually by Sage Ridge School on April 9-10.

Andrew Barth ('25)
2nd place - Latin Grammar (Novice)
1st place - Neo-Latin (Novice)
1st place - Ancient History and Geography (Novice)
1st place - Roman Daily Live (Novice)
2nd place - Latin Etymology (Novice)

Benjamin Browder ('24)
2nd place - Reading Comprehension (Intermediate)
3rd place - Latin Etymology (Intermediate)

Devin Raleigh ('22)
3rd place - Greek
1st place - Mythology (Novice)

Sitara Reganti ('25)
1st place - Latin Vocabulary (Novice)
2nd place - Mottoes, Quotes, and Abbreviations (Novice)

Kira Romberg ('22)
2nd place - Reading Comprehension (Advanced)
1st place - Neo-Latin (Advanced)
3rd place - Latin Etymology (Advanced)

Nanki Sandhu ('25)
1st place - Latin Grammar (Novice)
2nd place - Latin Vocabulary (Novice)

Anne Thompson ('22)
2nd place - Roman Daily Life (Intermediate)

Graphic arts contest winners

Andrew Barth ('25)
2nd place - Impromptu Art

Sam Browder ('26)
3rd place - Graphic Art

Emma Sapp ('26)
2nd place - Mosaic

Nanki Sandhu ('25)
1st place - Drawings
2nd place - State T-Shirt Design

Ava Wohletz ('26)
2nd place - Drawings

Sitara Reganti ('25)
3rd place - State T-Shirt Design

JCL is hosting a community cleanup event this Saturday, and it is now open to all students and families (not just JCLers) grades 7 and up. Refer to the event flyer or visit the Nevada JCL website for details.

JCL cleanup flyer
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