Kamath Wins Best Speaker; MS Debate Team Picks Up Eight Wins At Lumos National Debate

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John Sloyan

Greetings, Middle School Debate Fans!

This past Saturday, May 11, nine SRS debaters in grades six through eight competed in the Lumos National Online Debate Tournament. Against older kids from schools in Texas, Massachusetts, and Florida, our kids did exceptionally well! Each team was able to win a round, and a couple of our teams won multiple rounds. This is a great result because we were up against schools with year-long debate programs, and our crew had limited preparation time. To the deets:

Beatrice Liwang ’26 and Abi Napoli ’26 teamed up to win two rounds on the day and receive some very positive feedback. One judge told Beatrice that her voice was “so clear and articulate” that he had to give her full speaker points. Abi was praised as being “self assured and logical.” Both girls worked together to, as another judge put it, “poke holes at the opponents’ case and really prove why your case should win the debate.” Another judge simply told them that they “have a bright future in the activity!” Well done!

Keteaonk Smith ’27 teamed up with Nathan Brodsky ’27 to win their second round, and they kept up with more experienced teams the entire day. One judge “was really impressed by how mature you guys were.” Another remarked that these two boys “were excellent and were very assertive with your claims and points.” Finally, the judge noted that “I know you guys will go far in your future debate careers!” Excellent work!

Krishna Kamath ’29 and Keller Polk ’29 did an excellent job as they won their third round of the day. Keller was praised for his “excellent probing questions” and Krishna “genuinely impressed” another judge who noted how he “persevered in crossfire and kept standing up for your arguments and answering your opponents.” Krishna also won the distinction of being awarded the “Top Speaker” of the novice division with 117 speaker points. Amazing job!

Justin Sloyan ’29 was a “Maverick” – a solo debater – in this tournament, but even on his own he was able to win two rounds. One of his judges had this to say to Justin: “you did a really fantastic job with the quality of your speeches. You spoke assertively and your statements were backed by comprehensive evidence that demonstrated your knowledge.” Great job!

Milin Sekhon ‘26 and Rushil Mahadevu ’26 were able to win two rounds on the day and got a lot of great feedback from their judges. Milin was praised for being “very knowledgeable” about his case, and Rushil did many strategic things correctly, such as narrowing in on a “few key voting issues” in his final speech. One judge even remarked that these two were “doing better than some high schoolers I've met in round!” Amazing!

Special Thanks To:

Mac Cronin '13: Mac is a legendary SRS Debate Champion who took the time to speak with the kids as we prepared for this debate. Thank you for your inspiring and instructional words, Mac!

Kevin Lu '23Malina Jeffery '23, and Nanki Sandhu '25 who were EXCELLENT judges who were very much appreciated by the hosts of the tournament and by the entire team. Thank you for taking a Saturday to support your team!

Milin's Mom, Simmi Sekhon, surprised us all with a pizza lunch. Thank you very much!

Krishna's Dad, Deepak Kamath, brought an assortment of bagels to help us get started in the morning. Thank you sir!

Yours in the Cause!

Mr. Sloyan


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