Keeping the Warmth

Josephine Clausen ('23) and Kevin Lu ('23)

Kevin and I realized how severe homelessness in Reno had become and we wanted to do something to address the issue. Over half a million people in the United States have no home and 700 of them are in Reno, Nevada. We wanted to come up with a community service project to help mitigate their situation. A large number of homeless die during winter in the US, 17000 to 40000, so Keeping the Warmth is an answer to their lack of shelter and protection against the cold. It is a project where we could donate blankets and hand them out to people in need so we could give some comfort during the coldest months. 

You have probably already heard from the lower and middle school students about our bake sale and all of the profits are going to buying blankets to give to the homeless.

We will also have a special treat for the adults and students on December 16th during morning drop-off! We will have homemade cookies for sale. $2 for each cookie and $3 for 2 cookies. We will send reminders as the date approaches. Additionally, we will also have stickers for sale near the end of November at the front desk. They are $1.50 each and we would appreciate any extra donations.

Our goal is to get 70 blankets donated! This would help 10% of the homeless population of Reno. This is only a small step but it is something that can still make a difference in many lives. The blankets do not have to be new! Keeping the Warmth is essentially about bringing people together to ensure the comfort of those with the greatest needs in our community. Please help out!

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