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Tobin Bechtel

Our Student Government President, Leila Moassessi ('21), makes a point at each Community Meeting to announce national days of recognition — some are more established (National Arbor Day) and many more are fairly silly (National Burrito Day). I am sure Leila will be recognizing National Pet Day, which is this Sunday. Why mull in this space about pets? From the number of dogs I see during morning drop-off, I am guessing that the number of pandemic puppies plus other adopted animals in our community has probably doubled over the past year.

I believe this increase mirrors our community commitment. To add a pet to a household is no small feat. In preparing our children to be a part of the constant care and attention needed to have a pet is an important step in development. While pets give love unconditionally, they are totally dependent on us for their wellbeing. The positive benefits of having pets are well documented. The trying times they can put us through is not as much. We currently have a dog and two cats; one of them has a penchant for eating our clothes while all of them have their share of habits that are exasperating at times.

As a whole though, pets teach us the power of patience, love, and companionship — they are there for us every day no matter what our day is like. Connections with pets teach a lot about relationships and develop values that help us make our way in the world. Treating animals with kindness leads to treating people with kindness. And when I see so many of our community connecting with pets, I feel it reflects the types of families and children we have as part of a culture that reaches all of our community. So be thankful for your pets and give them an extra treat this weekend.

PS - If you have a dog, bring it to our campus for a walk sometime after school or on a weekend. The trails on campus and down to Thomas Creek are full of views and fun for furry friends.

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