A Love for Learning and Leadership

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Tobin Bechtel

On Tuesday, our students had the biannual opportunity to lead conferences with their parents and advisors. We had a steady stream of meetings on campus and on Zoom with students reflecting with genuine excitement and solemnity on their progress as scholars.

Knowing the travails of this year in being on and off campus and having normal rhythms disrupted, I am so impressed by our students' vitality and earnestness — not to mention their courage. One preparation question for elementary students is “How can you best support me at home?” Their answers (and their courageousness in sharing them with their parents and teachers) belie how important our partnership as a community is to their success in learning.

At Sage Ridge, we are committed to developing a love for learning. This includes developing dispositions to think critically, reflect honestly, connect deeply, lead courageously, and care with integrity for the world. These values are coming clearly through student-led conferences.

I had a meeting with a senior as their thesis advisor this week where I experienced firsthand the power of all this coming together. The work our students produce outpace most early undergraduate work in eloquence of argument and depth of analysis. This is what we are looking for in our future leaders as they prepare for careers that do not yet exist. 

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