Lower and Middle School Quarters 2 & 3 Pillar Award Recipients!

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Michelle Gallivan-Wallace

The Sage Ridge Pillars are the heart of our classroom and social structure.  The Pillars provide students and teachers with a code of conduct that fosters social, emotional, and academic growth.  Our students collectively exemplify these Pillars, which makes Sage Ridge School a special place.  Each quarter we recognize Lower and Middle School students who go above and beyond with demonstration of Scholarship, Respect, Integrity, Courage, Community, Spirit, Effort, Responsibility, Character, and Imagination.  

Students are nominated by peers and teachers in a google form, then grade-level team leaders select the recipients.  The descriptions students share about peers when completing the nominations are heartfelt and demonstrate the strength of our strong community.

The following students were recognized with a Quarter 2 Pillar:






Chloe '31

Ethan '26

Misha '26

Andrew '26

Ford '31

Arya '30

Amelia '29

Buzz '26

Kennedy '31

Hannah '30

Katelyn '29

Isabel '26

Mac '26

Bryce '26

Milin '28

Mallory '27

Ana '27

Delphine '28




Holt '30   Bradley '27    

The following students were recognized with a Quarter 3 Pillar:






Lily '30

Nicholas '28

Kerem '27

Tabitha '26

Tasha '29

Jace '29

Cricket '28

Milana '27

Cat Z '30

Mac '28

Eli '26

Everett '31

Audrey '31

Marley '30

Isra '31

Adelaide '30

Nathan '29

Eli '27

Vera '26

Beatrice '26

Aiden '26

Courage   Character    
Keteaonk '27   Sophie '26    


  • Sage Ridge Spotlight
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