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Michelle Gallivan-Wallace

Balance. Balance has been my main focus for the past five weeks of school. On a personal note, I have been attempting to balance my Dean of Students role with teaching four classes and taking care of my social-emotional and physical well being. At times, I have been hard on myself. It is week five and I have wanted to post in Friday notes since week two. With the support of my colleagues, I have realized that it is alright that I hadn't achieved this goal. I was finding balance. I share this personal information not to make you feel badly for me, it is to garner understanding.

We, every member of the SRS community, have been working to find balance this school year and probably since we went into quarantine in March of 2020.  Many of us may be struggling to find balance and we must be mindful of this and to be understanding.  As I reflect on the first five weeks, balance has been part of our reopening planning process, daily decision making, and how we deliver our curriculum.

  • Balance of COVID protocols and air quality concerns have led us to distance learning on certain days
  • Balance of dress code and comfort forced a change in Dress Wednesday expectations
  • Teachers are working diligently to balance the needs of in-person learners with the needs of our distance learners, all at the same time with technology that is not always on our side.
  • Teachers are creating new ways to teach and to safely bring topics "alive" for in-person students and in an engaging way for distance learners.
  • Students are balancing the need for social interaction with physical distancing requirements
  • Students are learning to work with FACTs, Google Classroom, and Zoom all at the same time
  • Parents are balancing work with the needs of their children, especially families choosing distance learning

I could go on and on. The point is that we are all attempting to balance our needs with our responsibilities. If parents and students are feeling out of balance, then please reach out.  We need to support one another and communicate with each other. I encourage students to reach out to teachers for help with subjects, parents reach out to teachers if you are concerned about your student's progress in a class, and both parents and students should reach out to advisors for challenges that impact multiple classes or social emotional health.

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