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Jess Thibault

We are delighted to welcome Sydney Peters to Sage Ridge School as our new Director of Enrollment Management. 

About Sydney

I was born and raised in Reno, NV. After high school, I attended the University of Nevada, Reno where I received a Bachelor of Science in Business. After working for the State of Nevada for several years, I decided to go to graduate school to fulfill a lifelong dream of mine, becoming a teacher. I went back to UNR for my Masters in Elementary Education in 2015 and later started my career as an educator. I’ve taught kindergarten through 5th grade and loved my time as a teacher! During that time I also started my own business which I named Cultivating Lifetime Learners because of my passion for education. In my spare time I create resources and other educational tools for teachers all over the world! I have three children. Sawyer who is 2, Rylee who is 7, and Maddelyn who is 12. As a family we enjoy skiing, camping, and traveling. 

Why Sage Ridge?

In August, after a long debate, I decided to leave teaching and focus on my own endeavours, but after seeing a job post for “director of enrollment," I took a leap of faith. Growing up in Reno, I was always aware Sage Ridge existed and after I saw the open position for director of enrollment, I decided to dig deeper. After reading the mission statement and values of Sage Ridge I immediately felt drawn to the message. 

What will you bring to Sage Ridge? 

As someone who is very passionate about education and building community relationships, I hope to bring many skills to Sage Ridge. I believe I have a natural ability to interact positively with people and have a strong drive to succeed. I am an excellent team member and bring a refreshing attitude of enthusiasm to the position. 

Your Educational Philosophy

I strongly believe we are all lifetime learners. Learning is never done. Instilling a love of learning is crucial to student success. With this love of learning, students will embrace challenge, set the bar high, and push to be their best selves. 

Ms. Peters will be guiding all applicants through the admissions process along with the Admissions Team. Please contact or inquire if you are interested in learning more about enrollment.

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