Middle School "This I Believe" Essay Showcase

Middle School "This I Believe" Essay Showcase
Trisha French

Middle School Scorpions courageously presented work on March 14, 2023 during their "This I Believe" Essay Showcase.

Scorpions wrote, memorized, and recited essays inspired by the "This I Believe" audio program that ran on National Public Radio (NPR). The program engaged people from all walks of life in writing and sharing essays about the core values that guide a person’s daily life. Some of the values our students chose to write about were creativity, kindness, resilience, patience, responsibility, hard work, and empathy. Our students also created fantastic self portraits that represented their essays.

We thank the MS parents for attending this showcase and the incredible MS teachers for fostering courage in our students. After the showcase, many parents shared how proud they were of the Middle Schoolers for facing the daunting task of public speaking in front of parents and peers--especially with such personal and impactful speeches. Well done, Scorpions!



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