Nate Mulvaney ('21) Publishes Free Soccer Training to Help Others

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Jess Thibault
Nate Soccer Training

The presence of a global pandemic has been the impetus for innovations and creative projects across the globe, including in our Sage Ridge community. Nate Mulvaney ('21) spent part of his summer filming and publishing a week-long soccer video training series, which he has made available to the public via YouTube. 

The project idea came from Nate's own training during the pandemic. Using a local tennis court, he created his own training regime then had the idea to share it with others. 

Nate recounts, "I would both adapt drills from familiar ones or I would create entirely new drills to help myself improve passing, dribbling, quickness on the ball, etc. Seeing what these sessions had done for me, I decided (with encouragement from my mom) to make a program that I could share with the soccer community in Reno, which I thought would both help kids retain, even improve their skills as well as be a really enjoyable way to serve the community."

The YouTube channel right now consists of 5 videos for a week-long training sequence. Working with other local teens, Nate filmed the tutorials to build upon each other and help others develop their skills and confidence training on their own. He is also working with another SRS senior, Tessa Mendez Leal, on adding Spanish subtitles.

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Nate has been playing soccer for 13 years. He currently plays for Sage Ridge as well as the Nevada United 03 Boys NPL and is a member of the Reno 1868 FC Academy Team. 

"Soccer has taught me a great number of lessons, the most important of which being perseverance. I have gone through injury-prone periods where I would miss 7-8 months of the year because of a bad knee or a twisted ankle, and I would lose fitness, technique, and confidence...I learned not to give up just because things got hard, and when I put my head down to fix the problem, I would find myself in a better place. I've tried to apply this to the rigorous curriculum of Sage Ridge," says Nate.

Please help spread the word about this wonderful resource!

We are so proud of you, Nate, both on and off the field! Thank you for looking for ways to serve others on your journey. 


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