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NIAA Update and Staying Active!

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Patrick Casey

Greetings Scorpion Nation!

I truly hope everyone is healthy, happy, and embracing each day in order to discover the potential that it holds!

I would like to share an update from the NIAA regarding NV High School Spring Sports:

Sports will not resume for practice or play prior to schools coming back into session. The staff at the NIAA has been working on contingency plans for the possibility of abbreviated seasons and for Region and State Tournaments. These plans are taking into account various numbers of days and weeks that may be available for competition should schools come back into session and schools be allowed to compete.

Depending on the number of days/weeks available for competition, it is anticipated in team sports (Baseball, Boys’ Volleyball, and Softball) that schools will be divided within their classification into pools of 3-5 schools with play among those schools used to aid in seeding a Region Tournament at least to the point of being able to separate better teams in the Region Bracket. Depending on the time available for play, pool play could eliminate teams from the tournament. For the individual sports of Swimming & Diving and Track & Field, entry directly into the Region Meet for a maximum number of entries per event per school would make up the Region Meet. For Boys’ Golf, each school will be allowed to enter a team of 6 golfers in the Region Tournament. 

It is anticipated at this time that competition will not go beyond the dismissal of school for the current school year whenever that may occur. A lack of days/weeks to complete competition could result in competition through a Region Tournament only. It is the hope of NIAA staff that all tournaments will be able to be held. We have currently scheduled sites for nearly all of the Region and State Tournaments.

Please note the sentence "...should schools come back into session and schools be allowed to compete...".  All final decisions regarding Sage Ridge Athletics will be made by Sage Ridge School.


We know that staying active is one of the best ways to improve our overall health.  As we continue to navigate through present uncharted waters, we should also utilize exercise to improve our overall well-being, mental health, and quality of life.  Physical activity is a natural mood lifter!  There is no better way to relieve stress, anger, depression, or anxiety than with a maxed-out heart rate, red-lining workout!  Okay, you don't have to push it that hard.  Just remember, any physical activity that gets you moving and sweating is the greatest happy pill - with no negative side effects!  And...if done on a daily will help keep you smiling and help you sleep!  If you are not moving...start moving!  If you are moving...move more!

If you feel that you are short on time, lack the proper equipment, or can't get to the gym...not to worry!  I have a recommendation: High-Intensity Circuit Training (HICT).

Short on Time? Each set provides aerobic and resistance training into a single exercise lasting approximately 7 minutes. You can repeat the 7-minute set 2 to 3 times, depending on the amount of time you have.

Lack the proper equipment?  All you need is workout clothes, athletic shoes, water bottle, workout towel, fired-up motivational music, and your own body weight!

No in-home gym? Pick any room in your house!  You will just need room to stretch out and move.

If you are unfamiliar with HITC, please check out this article.

There are a variety of 7-minute workouts available on the internet, YouTube, or specific apps that you can download for free! Just search 7-minute workout or check out APP Seven Minutes Workouts.

Moments are now unpredictable.  I never thought maintaining a grip on normalcy would be one of our most important tasks.  An exercise routine will help.  So, take care, stay active, and stay healthy, Scorpion Nation!  We are going to sweat this out together and emerge stronger than ever!



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