One Year Later: Students Reflect on Distance Learning

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When Sage Ridge students adjourned for Spring Break at the end of March 2020, lockdowns and emergency plans were activated across the U.S. as the world responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a precaution, our students were told to take everything home, just in case they couldn't meet in person after Spring Break. They shared their thoughts in April 2020 as they inevitably transitioned to distance learning — known as Scorpion School.

"I actually feel that my education has progressed as it would have normally. While our community has had to transition to distance learning multiple times, our teachers remained persistent with our lessons and did not compromise the level and value of our education," Lily Ferrell ('23) recently said. "With that being said, the amount of respect that I have for my teachers and peers for being so flexible is amazing. Our teachers have been so supportive of our emotional well beings throughout the pandemic, and it has not gone unnoticed. I truly feel that the pandemic, while devastating in many ways, has taught me how to adapt to new situations quickly and has reinforced the idea to focus on the positives of any situation."

Like Lily, several students reflected on their educational experience one year into a pandemic. Although on campus instruction has resumed with contingency plans in place for distance learning, Scorpion School has shaped study habits and daily routines.

I have been doing great! I have improved many study habits and writing. I enjoy doing classes on Zoom rather than doing it on campus.
- Ryan Day ('28)

Honestly, it feels almost no different besides two things. Study hall and lunch are so much nicer now. If I finish all of my work and study for 30 minutes during study hall, my parents allow me to play games. During lunch, as long as I have no missing assignments, I'm allowed to play games again.
- Ethan Day (26)

Me and my study habits have changed in the past year because ever since quarantine, I had more free time and just extra time in general, so I started studying more. Also, I have changed because I have learned new things about myself, found new hobbies, made new friends, etc. One year into a global pandemic, I have earned good grades from good study habits and always putting forth my best effort. 
- Milana Gangloff ('27)

My study habits haven't changed much this year. It is mostly the same as they have been. I think that my education is the best that it can be with this year. I have still gotten a great education. This was not what I expected my senior year to be like, but I am happy with myself that I have kept positive even in the worst of times.
- Jilliane Mueller ('21)

Yes, my study habits have changed. With this schedule, I have more time on my hands, so I make sure to use it to study more. My education has still been extremely good, which I am grateful for. I have become more responsible for all of the things I need to do, and I have been procrastinating less.
- Samuel Browder ('26)


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