Rhys Ferrito ('28) Completes Cross-Country USATF Youth Nationals

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Coach Robbie Ferrito

This week, Rhys Ferrito ('28) returned from the Cross-Country USATF Youth Nationals in Lexington, KY.

Race day was a windy and rainy day. Remaining persistent, Rhys finished at an impressive 52nd in the nation among the 10 year-old boys (an improvement on last year's 56th place among the 9 year-old boys). 

Only a few months ago this was unthinkable. In early June, Rhys had unfortunately broken his left arm and had to stop training. After a long two months in a cast, he was able to start training again in August, starting his journey on a slow, difficult, and painful path to get back into racing shape. Rhys trained every day, sometimes twice a day, while also participating in the swim team. Ultimately, Rhys was again able to make it to XC Nationals for the 2nd year in a row and have a solid race. 

Congratulations, Rhys! Your persistence and passion is truly representative of the Scorpion spirit, and we can't wait to see what the future has in store for you. 

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