Sage Ridge Debate: 2 Teams in Finals, 2 Third-Place Finishes at Reed High School Tournament

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Sage Ridge Debate: 2 Teams in Finals, 2 Third-Place Finishes at Reed High School Tournament
John Sloyan

Greetings, Debate Fans!

Sage Ridge School Debate had another strong showing at Reed High School.

With a team of nine fearless Scorpions, we managed to get two teams into finals and came away with 12 round wins and two third-place finishes. Great job!

Sage Ridge School students Owen Heaphy and Jensen Wu at the Reed High School Debate Tournament

In the Public Forum debate, Sage Ridge fielded both a novice level team – Owen "Chickpea" Heaphy ‘27 and Jensen "Bomber" Wu ‘27 – and a senior level team – Ethan "Fire" Day ‘26 and Bryce "Ice" Stormo ‘26. Both teams made it into the final rounds, and both teams lost in a split decision (1 vote to 2). This is as close as it gets to making it to the final round, and both teams should be proud of their efforts. One judge wrote a flattering (if unhelpful!) comment to Owen: “Heaphy – Good job. I cannot offer any advice.” Not bad! About Jensen: “You had a strong command of your case.” Ethan was applauded for “using evidence well to establish your case.” Bryce was lauded for his “confidence in every area of each speech.” Well done, Public Forum!

In the Lincoln-Douglas debate, two new debaters, Jade Sharma ‘27 and Buzz Dolan ‘27, both were able to win a round in prelims, despite being up against older and more experienced debaters. Jade won her round due to her “steady delivery and strong presence during cross-ex.” Buzz won due to his “conceptual clarity and logic.” It was great to see these two pick up a win as they start their debate careers. Nice going! Also in the Lincoln-Douglas debate, Lance Zhou '25 had a strong tournament, going 3-1 on the day and narrowly missing his second trip to finals. One judge remarked on his "strong delivery" and noted that his constructive speech was "fantastic." Lance is an odds-on favorite to win next month at Hug. Great job!

Sage Ridge School Debate Team at the Reed High School Tournament

Sage Ridge has not seen many debaters join the Congressional debate, but this year Tri Huynh ‘27 has been learning the ropes and improving in this event every month. At this tournament, he scored in the upper third of all Congress debaters and just narrowly missed making the final round. Tri’s improvement has been easy to see and he is a clear favorite to reach finals next month. Keep it up, Tri!

Thanks to: Coach Robbie Adler who played a huge role as a coach leading up to the day, and then as a judge for the entire day of the tournament. That is no easy task and your efforts are much appreciated! 

Next up: Hug High School on December 9. 

Yours in the Cause!

Mr. S.

Sage Ridge student Ethan Day in Finals at the Reed High School Debate Tournament