Sage Ridge Debate: Public Forum Teams Close Out; Sandhu '25 Third in Lincoln Douglas

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Sage Ridge Debate: Public Forum Teams Close Out; Sandhu '25 Third in Lincoln Douglas
John Sloyan

Greetings Debate Fans!

On Saturday, September 16, a brave band of seven Scorpion debaters shook off the fatigue from a week of Outdoor Education and rolled into McQueen High School for a twelve-hour day of competition. When the dust settled, five of our seven debaters had earned berths to the final rounds, and they achieved the rare distinction of "closing out" an event -- that is, ending the tournament with only SRS teams in the finals -- resulting in a 1-2 finish in the event. In Lincoln Douglas, we came away with a third-place finish and three individual round wins. Amazing! To the deets:

Public Forum

The team of Brandy Quatch '26 and Aiden Charles '26 dominated the preliminary rounds, going a perfect 4-0 and then winning their semifinal round as well. Judges remarked on Aiden's being "well-spoken and quick to answer" and Brandy's "terrific cross-ex." The only team that could stop these two turned out to be their teammates...

...Tyler Jensen-Eykamp '26 and Bryce Stormo '26. Tyler presented with "strength and confidence," and Bryce's "great delivery" impressed their judges. These two also went a perfect 4-0 in prelims, and they followed this by picking up all six ballots in finals -- a rare perfect record for the day. On top of this, Bryce came away with the Top Speaker award in PF. Nice job!

Lincoln Douglas

Nanki Sandhu '25 did an incredible job by finishing third out of over twenty LD debaters. Her judges called her a "fantastic speaker" who was "great at conveying [her] point." Another judge remarked on her "strong presence." She went 3-1 in the prelims and needed only one more ballot to make it to finals as she dropped her semifinal round in a split decision. Well done! 

Alina Chu '25 won her first round because of her "very well-structured case." Alina is gaining great experience in debate and did a great job with her first LD experience. Awesome!

Maggie Jensen-Eykamp '27 did a great job for her first debate tournament. She won two of her four preliminary rounds, and judges remarked on her "well-defined value and strong contentions." Maggie will be a force in debate this year. Great work!

Special Thanks To: Mr. Robbie Adler, who has become an invaluable asset to the program as an assistant coach and tournament judge. Thank you for your time and effort!