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Tobin Bechtel

This has been a week of highs and lows. The way our Scorpion School has successfully launched is truly heartening. I am in awe of the creative adaptions our teachers have made, not only under the pressure of time but as they also take care of their families and own needs. It has been an impressive expression of scholarship and courage as a teamI am likewise inspired and grateful for the way the community has rallied, been kind, and respectfully adjusted to the ‘new normal.’ As students engage with Scorpion School over the next few weeks, we will be reaching out to you for information, perspective, and feedback about how our children are doing. In the spirit of integrity, we will iterate and improve our program as we all learn together. 

As you're aware, earlier this week, Governor Sisolak extended the closure of schools statewide until the end of April. We will continue to communicate with our community on a regular basis with updates and to share information and resources. Please check our website regularly. We are also sharing learning stories via social media - follow us on Instagram and Facebook

As Head of School, I have the responsibility of ensuring our school and community will be sustainable not only through this immediate crisis but also for the long term. We are actively reviewing options for helping our school community stay stable, including federal programs. We will work with all our families to offer help and the fullest support possible and hopefully be able to emerge from this crisis even stronger than before.  

While I know that our community is thriving online, the campus is currently a ghost town. As I walk through the quiet and empty hallways, I am missing the laughter and excitement that is usually loud and clear in classrooms and on our playing fields. At the same time, I believe that this time will end and the resilience we all learn during this time will help us with future growth - for our students and for our community. Our Pillars are more important than ever and I am encouraged by seeing them transfer into our online environment  even with the stresses this time is throwing at us. Thank you all for the understanding and support you are giving in partnership to our community.


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