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Emily Dolan
Ben Miller

Ben Miller came to Sage Ridge in 7th grade already having discovered an interest in science and engineering. In elementary school, Ben was invited to visit the hospital where his sister worked. There, he saw the da Vinci surgical system, and a seed was planted. Soon after joining Sage Ridge, he enjoyed the Gallivan scientific rite of passage: the dissection. His interests began to coalesce. 

Ben started 7th grade a little late, but he joined in time for the Outdoor Education trip, which he refers to as one of the “most important weeks at Sage Ridge.” Getting to meet his classmates and bond with them at Outdoor Ed helped him feel a part of the class right away. For 9th grade, however, Ben decided to attend Galena. He lives close to the school, so attending the public school had always been his plan. Within that first year he realized that he missed the people and atmosphere of Sage Ridge, especially the dedication of students and faculty. It was an easy transition when he returned to SRS as a 10th grader. 

Ben’s three years in the Upper School have included three years with Dr. Roth. He studied Honors Biology in 10th grade, followed by Human Anatomy and Physiology in 11th, and finally AP Biology this year. Human Anatomy and Physiology especially piqued his interest in the medical field and opened a door to the human body. After three years together, the two know each other pretty well. Dr. Roth has this to say about Ben:  “Academically he has laser-focused on the sciences at SRS in preparation for an undergraduate major. Ben goes out of his way to ask great questions. He collaborates well with peers, completes high quality work on time, and stays in good contact with his teachers. His enthusiasm for the biological sciences will be noticed in college by professors he respects as he gets involved with labs, seminars, and lectures, and his hard work will benefit patients and research in the medical community.” As Dr. Roth alluded, Ben is looking into studying biomedical engineering in college. In pursuit of his interests, Ben’s Senior Thesis is about brain implanted technology and the ethics of modifying human life through artificial intelligence technology. 

Outside of the classroom, Ben has served the Reno community through St. Vincent’s Food Bank, where he got to meet new people and widen his perspectives. He’s played basketball and soccer for the past three years. He’s also part of a two-person dodgeball team that is pretty unbeatable. Ben tried Speech & Debate in 11th grade, and though he didn’t think he would like it, he did enjoy the feeling of winning arguments. 

Ben’s advice to younger Scorpions is to trust the process. He claims from his own experience that Sage Ridge helps students develop a work ethic. Despite the temporary stresses that come with being a student, he has felt capable and confident due to the support from teachers and the accountability that is part of the Sage Ridge experience. 

The bond that developed in 7th grade Outdoor Education has only grown stronger for Ben over the course of his time as a Scorpion. While senior year has been challenging due to COVID, Ben notes that he has all the same friends since 7th grade, and he values the community he feels in the senior class. Ben’s role in that class is also valued, and we are so glad that he chose to be a Scorpion twice! 

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